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Comfortable and safe altitude shooting system "Smart view system"CUBIC Inc.


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"Smart view system" which makes it easy to shoot a high altitude of up to 10 m

Learnning Points

  • Pursue simplicity with safety taken into account
  • The charm of "Handiness" that you can use your equipment

A high altitude shooting system applying an overhead viewing system for archeology

When inspecting the roof of a house or a solar panel, an elevated bridge and the like installed therein, it is necessary to prepare a high place work vehicle or to build a foothold to work safely. High altitude work always borders on being dangerous such as falling.

"Smart view system" developed by CUBIC Co., Ltd., which develops and sells the digital measurement system for the remains, is a system that can safely perform inspection work involving such danger.
The system is a set of accessories such as a camera, a tablet and a tilt controller on a dedicated pole for attaching the camera, photographs the excavated remains and relics from a high place in a bird's-eye view, and uses three-dimensional measurement technology, image processing technology The system for archeology which converts it into a digital drawing by using it is applied.
Using a dedicated pole made of carbon glass fiber to remotely shoot while checking the image with the tablet at hand, it is possible to perform inspection work safely without climbing to a high place.

Excellent portability and operability can be realized at low cost

The system is two types includes SVS-10MT" which can shoot up to 10 m with a tripod stand with step adjustment function attached and "SVS-6M" which can shoot up to 6 m and can hold a hand with about 5 kg in weight. "SVS-10MT" can shoot three-story roofs, solar panels installed at high places, etc. from the ground safely.

"SVS-6M" is suitable for first inspection and photography even to the upper part of the structure and clearance because it is possible to shoot with hand and diagonal shooting. Tilt (Shake the camera up and down) and pan (Swing left and right) while checking the captured image on the tablet can be done intuitively from the remote controller at hand so anyone can operate it efficiently. The image data is stored in the SD card or the tablet in the camera.

The camera attached to this system uses a commercially available product, and it is possible to photograph a clear image of 30-times optical zoom and 20 million pixel class while reducing the product price at a low cost. Also, since this system is priced cheaper than 380,000 yen compared with competitors, if you already own Wi-Fi cameras and tablets, you can further reduce costs by diverting them.

  • The high altitude inspection work is dangerous to workers, and the possibility of damaging the structure cannot be ruled out. In the same system, it is possible to avoid such risks, and the needs from construction surveyors and research surveying companies are increasing, and also used for evaluation of housing at the time of great area disasters, records storage applications are also being adopted in public institutions and university fields.
    If thermographic shooting using infrared cameras becomes possible, you can expect to investigate not only appearance inspection but also floating of outer wall tiles, and piping installed at high places, that is, problems on air conditioning and air conditioning equipment (HVAC).

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We offer dedicated software ”Iko kun cubic” developed for excavation survey of archeological site and ”Artifact measurement service” using laser measurement device. We contribute to society through 3D measurement technology, 3D image processing technology, digitization of buried cultural property work, 3D conversion, technology and services cultivated in archaeology field.

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