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Innovation education conducted by Tottori University and the future of JapanMasaru Ueki<Series 4 / complete>

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Train human resources to find things not found in textbooks and to conduct hypothesis verification

I think that the future of the world it will become essential to "Go beyond" individuals"." It abandoned the idea centered on "Individuals" such as "Only hospitals should be good," Only Yonago should be good," and "Only the company should do," isn’t it necessary to live together by subsuming society by widely adopted the spatial axis and the time axis. Perhaps it seems to be a utopian idea, but I genuinely believe it.

After I met with a patent attorney teacher (*See the third series in detail), I wondered if I lost my self-control (lol), I wrote a letter to the author of the book and started seeing well. When the reply came from Mr. Koichi Tanaka who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, I was trembling with joy. Among them, the encounter with Hiroshi Tsukagoshi of Ina Food Industry Co., Ltd., famous as the top manufacturer of agar, was shocking. Mr. Tsukagoshi pointed to the significant calendar that was displayed in the CEO's office, "Here is my date of death and your death anniversary here, I have been running this company for 48 years, but I am looking forward to the future". CEO Tsukagoe has thought for the society and the future without himself. I wonder what myself is small compared to it. Moreover, it was said that "Please return it to society instead of returning it to me," it became the driving force for these words to move me.

In retrospect, thanks to the teacher of science in elementary school I started to like mathematics subjects. Education becomes a turning point in life and shapes people. Nonetheless, I already know what I have written in dictionaries and textbooks. Future society is required to find hypotheses not found in dictionaries and handbooks, make verification by making an assumption. It is innovation education that will help.

Innovation education starting from "Invention easy" spreading to primary school and high schools

At Tottori University Medical School attached hospital, we are conducting lessons focusing on "Invention fun" to make new things and interest in inventions. In addition to Tottori University, more than 1,000 students in elementary schools and high schools have touched "Invention fun." "Invention fun" is the four idea skills that invent the invention. For example, the enlarged endoscope was born with the addition of Microscope" to "Endoscope," and the transnasal endoscope was halved by the thickness of "Endoscope." "Invention fun" is selected as "100 distinctive programs of regional university programs" of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2013, and picture books for teaching materials are also made in June. Currently, picture books translated into English, Chinese and Russian have been made, and the cumulative number of printed copies has reached about 3,000 copies.

To further promote innovation education, the "Innovative Future Medical Creativity Course" was established at the graduate school of Tottori University School of Medicine. They are nurturing students who behave with a clear purpose with endogenous motives by doing from themselves. And they actively bring students to a place of cooperation with companies and instruct students to acquire ideas that are not bound by preconceptions or established ideas. In recent years, efforts by students are noticeable. One example of that is a medical education simulator robot "Mikoto (lower right photo)" which can integrally carry out training of three procedures of tracheal intubation, endoscopic examination, and supine suction.

With the progress of borderless development, society will change rapidly. It is not an era when the country can no longer be held in force petition "The country will manage" and "The hospital will manage for it." What can I do? What I know is the fact that by opening the way, by taking advantage of my strengths. I am pleased if the efforts of Tottori University Hospital affiliated hospital through the development of new medical equipment and innovation education will help change the world.


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Masaru Ueki
Tottori University Medical School Attached Hospital New Medical Research Promotion Center Professor, Research Practicalization Support Division Medical Doctor
Japan Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Society Specialist / Instructor
Japanese Science Certified Doctor
Japan Liver Society Specialist
Japan Gastroenterology Society Specialist

Born in Tottori prefecture in 1972. Graduated from Department of Medicine, Oita Medical University School of Medicine in 1998, and Graduate School of Tottori University in 2005. Tottori University Medical School Affiliated Hospital Post Graduate Clinical Training Center Lecturer in 2009, Tottori University Medical School Hospital Postgraduate Clinical Training Center Mitsuyoshi Associate Professor in 2012, Tottori University Medical School Hospital Next Generation Advanced Medical Promotion Center Associate Professor in 2012, Tottori University Medical School Hospital Next Generation Advanced Medical Promotion Center Professor, to the present.

◇Main book
"Tips and traps of medical treatment for liver diseases" (Nakayama Bookstore / Ken Ueki) published in January 2015

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