"USB Connection Motion Control Board" for running various types of motors from a personal computerHivertec Inc.


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The main unit of the USB Connection Motion Control Board that can control the position of machinery by just being connected to the USB terminal of a personal computer

Product name = "USB Connection Motion Control Board"

Simple settings for easy-to-use features

The "USB Connection Motion Control Board" is a device that can control industrial-use positioning motors such as the servo or stepper motors through a personal computer. The position of machinery equipped with motors can be controlled using a personal computer, by first connecting the control board to the USB port of a personal computer and then connecting the motor to the control board.

The main feature of this product is its easy-to-use functions that are operable with simple settings. Since it can be used just by connecting to a USB port, it can be used even on slim laptops having few ports. It also comes with wire check and test run programs and a library software for issuing the command for running the motor from a program on the personal computer, and the test run can be started as soon as the software is installed.

A single board can operate up to 4 motors by setting the direction, distance, and speed, and the target positions and speed can be changed while the machinery is moving. It also has a feature for synchronized operation of multiple motors. It can be easily linked and synchronized with external devices.

Labor saving, and improved productivity due to data collection/analysis

Some practical usage examples include effortless automation of machining/manufacturing/inspection processes performed manually until now, and automation of inspection devices by using cameras.

You can create your personal screen on Windows for easily performing operations specific to your company's devices and processes and operate the device from this screen, and thus expect to automate the processes and save labor.

Since it is PC based, control and data collection are also easy. The results of the automated inspection equipment can be accumulated, and analysis and statistical evaluation can be performed on a single personal computer, and this consistent automation and analysis lead to increased productivity. In fact, one user feedback received was, "In considering compatibility with IoT, I was able to create an ideal environment for it".

In addition to attending "Introductory seminars on PC-based motions" in which you can receive specific training on its usage, you can also use a rental trial device which you can connect to your personal computer.

Adopted by many manufacturers making different manufacturing/inspection equipment, such as semiconductors and liquid crystal

Ever since its establishment in 1983, Hivertec has been developing its business centered on PC based machine motion control. It has developed a large number of motion control boards for semiconductor manufacturing and inspection equipment, that can be used by inserting into the PC expansion slots. With the aim of offering highly versatile control boards, in 2001 Hivertec launched the "USB Connected Motion Control Board".

This is an extremely user-friendly product developed using the know-how accumulated over the years and therefore includes all the required functions. Owing to the synchronization function that allows synchronization with high-speed external devices without any software, as well as the introduction of USB type devices, this proven product has become easily available.

Originally, it was meant to be used in laboratories and study rooms for moving the XY tables installed under the microscopes but due to its ease of use, its use has spread to unexpected fields including factories and is being used by a large number of manufacturers making manufacturing and inspection equipment, such as semiconductors and liquid crystals. It has undergone repeated improvements to reach its current form. For example, it can be used in various manufacturing, assembly, and inspection equipment requiring different positioning movement mechanism in the medical care / bio-related industry, food products industry, packaging industry, etc.


Coverage date June 25, 2019


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Hivertec Inc.

Hivertec develops, manufactures, and sells mainly motion control hardware and software products for controlling and measuring motion on personal computers. Apart from standard products, Hivertec also makes customized hardware and software as per the user specifications. The company makes customized products to cater to specific requirements of the customers, and also provides solutions for development and maintenance of in-house hardware being used by customers.

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