"Safety" x "Functionality" x "Story" Overwhelming convincing power of health food raw materials sticking to domestic materials.UNIAL Co.,Ltd


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Looking at Kumazasa, there is a story hidden also by Kumazasa. We want to pay attention to the idea.

Learnning Points

  • Applied power to make use of that strengths that we have learned about materials maximizing its attractiveness not only raw material sales also use of product planning.
  • Planning ability to collaborate not only with health foods and supplements but also with general food and restaurant industry.

Health life expectancy is also expanding in recent years, people's awareness about health such as prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, countermeasures against anti-aging, supplementation of basic nutrients has increased, and demand for health foods is steadily increasing. Under such circumstances, it is UNIAL Co.,ltd. who is developing raw materials for the supplements and health foods that stick to domestic production.

UNIAL Co.,ltd. handles raw materials such as Kumazasa juice powder that is also be a raw material of Aojiru and concentrated extract, natural ingredients extracted by original manufacturing method, powdered food material. The most important feature is that it is all domestic production. Looking at the health food market, there are in fact many cases where raw materials manufactured abroad such as proteins and amino acids are imported. On the other hand, UNIAL Co.,ltd. sticks to the materials that Japanese people have traditionally mentioned as traditional foods which have been found the functionality in them. We analyze the functionality that Japanese people have experienced in dietary life by advanced scientific research, and after repeatedly conducting safety tests and human clinical trials, we propose it as a raw material. For example, it is becoming clear that plants of Polygonaceae named "Itadori" because of "getting pain away" actually have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects due to various studies in recent years. In addition, evidence of anti-aging (antiglycation, antioxidant) has been confirmed in collaborative research with Doshisha University and Niigata Pharmaceutical University, the purple chrysanthemum, also known as " longevity with easy (Enmai Raku)" eaten in Yamagata and Niigata prefectures.

Reasons of sticking to domestic raw materials traditionally eaten
Domestic materials that Japanese have found functionalities and safety over a long period of time. As the competition of the sales market increases, as an important element of product differentiation, attention is also paid to "material story" in sales promotion. There are stories to talk about domestic materials traditionally eaten by Japanese people, which have been eaten for the purpose in such an area from olden days. For example, Kumazasa, which is drawing attention as a new material of green juice (Aojiru), has been closely involved in our lives such as Sasa sushi, Sasame dumpling, or Shinto shrine for a long time. Furthermore, even in the manufacturing process, you can see what people are collecting, cultivating and processing. In other words, it can be said that "Supplement ingredients that can show the face". These Sotry behind scene like is not a medicine but is a great advantage in health foods which have a lot of restrictions to indicate the effects.

Planning skills derived from because we know the materials well.
Though the company is a raw material maker, many OEM products using original natural materials as well as raw material sales are proposed. It is because we often ask for proposals not only as proposals as raw materials but also as final products just because we handle plenty of original materials. Material makers who know the most about raw material functionality, how to make use as a product, what to combine with what kind. One of the company's strategies is to demonstrate its power as an OEM manufacturer that can conduct product planning, productization, and promotion.

We also conduct trials with general food and restaurant industry. In that case, it is not a form like extracts or supplements,but texture, aroma and flavor live are that we often make proposals not to do extreme processing. For example, we received consultation from a confectionery manufacturer in Hokkaido for making all-Hokkaido cakes, and developed a Kumasasa cookies. Both wheat and butter are well-known in Hokkaido. However, as we thought about trying to make Matcha-taste(green tea taste), tea are not being produced in Hokkaido. Therefore, we used "Kumazasa powder" to complete "Kumasasa Cookies" like Matcha flabour. Their aggressiveness and planning ability to engage in cooperation with all sectors and companies in a eager manner are also said to be the company's strengths.

  • To create value-added of health function, it is our company who proactively collaborate with general food and restaurant industry as well as OEM. In rising social health consciousness, created KOTO demand by adding stories behind the domestic ingredients. It makes us feel the possibility of creating demand not only in Japan but also overseas.

company information

We conduct research and development on domestic materials that have been used as traditional Japanese foods and Kanpo (Chinese) herbal medicines, and their health-related functionality and safety, and sell them as raw materials for functional food products. In addition, we undertake contract manufacturing (OEM) of health foods by applying the research technology and results to develop new products with high added value and meeting market needs.

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