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Maximize the great potential of the development product through information exchange and cooperationJapan Antivirus Res Co.,Ltd


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Akihiro Fujino, CEO, Japan Antivirus Res. Inst., Ltd.

If we can develop products with unprecedented value using our proprietary technology, there will be great potential for market expansion. An exhibition for gathering information and meeting other companies will help expand that potential further. Calcium hydroxide has excellent properties such as disinfection and deodorization that have not been fully utilized. Antivirus Res. Inst. succeeded in making water soluble calcium hydroxide, and is rolling it out for a number of applications. How did the company make use of the "New Value Creation Exhibition" and "New Value Creation NAVI"?

Making versatile calcium hydroxide water soluble

"Calcium hydroxide," also called "slaked lime," has been used for disinfection of infection diseases since ancient times due to its strong sterilizing and deodorizing capabilities. Even today, while it is used to combat bird flu and hog cholera, it can be used in foods as a coagulant for konjac, and its potential for a wide range of uses is great.

However, one disadvantage is that it is very difficult to dissolve in water, so it has been used only in limited fields. Antivirus Res. Inst. has made this calcium hydroxide soluble in water using its proprietary technology.

"If this substance with strong sterilizing capabilities can be dissolved in water, it can be used for various products such as disinfecting sprays and wet wipes. However, conventional methods do not fully dissolve it in water. It recrystallizes and clogs spray nozzles, solidifies in factory manufacturing equipment, causing errors, and even if wiped with a wet wipe, problems emerge such as traces of white calcium. I thought I could do something to solve these issues. (Fujino, CEO)

However, it turned out to be quite a struggle to create the solubilization technology that all other companies had failed at.

"We have obtained a number of patents, but development is still all about trial and error. We will try over and over again based on data that our predecessors have accumulated and the company's experience to date. By combining the study of the past to discover new things with random trials, we have overcome many barriers that seemed insurmountable." (Fujino, CEO)

Realize new things by becoming aware of the needs of other companies

The company developed "soluble calcium hydroxide" in this manner, and with it has created various types of products including wet wipes and disinfecting deodorant sprays.

"Our 'soluble calcium hydroxide' solves the problem of insolubility in water, and is now used for quasi-drugs and cosmetics. In addition, thanks to now dissolving at the high concentration of 1%, it has unprecedented sterilizing and deodorizing capabilities. We have confirmed that 99.9% of Campylobacter and Norovirus are eliminated in 10 seconds." (Company spokesperson)

"Soluble calcium hydroxide" that can be dissolved in water. Achieving high concentration has greatly improved sterilization and deodorization capabilities compared to before.

In 2017, the company will register with J-GoodTech, a matching site operated by SME Support JAPAN, in order to roll out this promising product on a large scale. The company entered the "J-GoodTech Business Meeting" held at the venue of the "New Value Creation Exhibition 2017" in November of the same year. That spurred on the further evolution of the product.

"Speaking with a major company about their concerns, we realized that a higher accuracy was required than our current development path for sterilizers, antibacterial agents, and deodorants would deliver. Therefore, after starting a new internal development path and conducting research, we were able to develop a highly efficient VOC (volatile organic compound) reducing agent, regarded as a problem in recent years. We also met with a general trading company at this business meeting, with whom we are still collaborating." (Company spokesperson)

The focus on utilization is different from ordinary exhibitions

At next year's New Value Creation Exhibition 2018, the company will be running its own booth, seeking partnerships in a wider range of areas including development, manufacturing, and sales.

"In response to this exhibition, various companies proposed to us joint development in new areas and distribution through their own sales networks. We are still deeply involved with several of these companies." (Company spokesperson)

What does the company think are the differences between the New Value Creation Exhibition and other exhibitions?

"Because widely diverse companies participate in the New Value Creation Exhibition, "outshining competitors" is not necessary compared to ordinary exhibitions. The exhibition also stands out for how few people come to booths just to browse." (Company spokesperson)

Another benefit is that many of the representatives from the companies registered on the New Value Creation NAVI, a web exhibition linked to the physical one, have the authority to make decisions, moving smoothly from the first contact to negotiations.

What kind of business prospects does the company have moving forward?

"The key to expanding your company's potential is what your goal is, who you partner with, and what you make. Moving forward, we would like to partner with other companies to create unparalleled products that are safer and make people happier.” (Fujino, CEO)


Coverage date October 16,2019

Company overview

Japan Antivirus Res Co.,Ltd

Subject of interview = Akihiro Fujino, CEO

The company was established in 2015. A Nara-based company that conducts research and development based on the theme of bringing something new to the world. Antivirus Res. Inst. practices eco-friendly manufacturing without using any chemicals and sticking to natural resources. It develops advanced technologies such as "tablet particle technology" that disintegrates any powder in water, and develops new products that utilize those advanced technologies such as "soluble calcium hydroxide."

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