Processing fluorine resin at will, despite its strict handling requirementsEARTH ATTEND


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Processed products made of fluorine resin. Processing into complex shapes are also supported.

Technical name = "Fluorine resin processing technology"

Utilizing 30 plus years of expertise to achieve shapes true to image

Fluorine resin has many excellent properties such as heat resistance that allows continuous use at about 260°C, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and insulation. It is used in a variety of fields, from familiar cooking utensils to electronic equipment and semiconductor manufacturing equipment components, and has become an essential material for social development. However, fluorine resin must be handled with care as it is prone to deformation due to the heat generated during processing, and highly sophisticated technology is required to achieve shapes true to image.

Earth Attend has a 30 year plus track record in this field, and making full use of the abundant knowledge and expertise it has developed, its Fluorine Resin Processing Technology can be used in machining, cutting, and punching as well as bending and welding. With its mastery of both hand processing and machining, any shape the user wants can be achieved.

Fusion of craftsmanship, machinery, and advanced technology

At the heart of technical skills are the abundant experience and sharpened sense of craftsmen. The company's unusual hand-processing technology, which can "peel" irregular-shaped materials at a uniform thickness, is a testament to the company's professionalism. Because of this solid foundation, the benefits of machining with milling machines that handle up to 500 mm in width and 1,000 mm in length, and with lathes that handle up to φ1,200 mm, can be maximized.

In addition, the company ushered in "water jet processing," in which high-pressure water jetting from a nozzle diameter of about 0.2 mm cuts the material. This cutting technology enabled processing complex shapes at will. Moreover, the cutting speed and cutting surface precision have been greatly improved compared to conventional cutting machines. Dust and noise are also reduced.

There are four sites in Japan, and clean rooms in Tokyo and Kumamoto support processing such as bending and welding. The range of processing methods has been expanded to meet diversifying customer needs.

Potential expansion into other industries such as medicine and science

Fluorine resin products processed by Earth Attend have been increasingly provided mainly to fields such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment. In addition, there are many cases where there are issues with heat resistance and insulation properties, and proposals for replacing conventional products with fluorine resin products have led to issues being solved. Customers have indicated their satisfaction with the company's products.

The company is considering expanding into other industries, such as medical and scientific instruments. There are likely many avenues for making use of the company's technology.

Coverage date November 1,2019


Company overview


The head office is Gotanda, Tokyo. The company was established in 1973. Starting from the manufacture and sale of industrial packing, Earth Attend currently focuses on fluorine resin processing and sales, gaskets, and packing. The company has a long track record of delivering to semiconductor device manufacturers thanks to precision processing technology for fluorine resin and fluorine rubber developed over many years.

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