Pursuing the possibilities of contact lenses which greatly reduces eye disease with high disinfectant power.Aire Inc.


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Learnning Points

  • Efforts to develop for next-generation of its in-house products.
  • Challenging for technical difficulties.

Originated from the manufacture of optical lenses, now Aire Inc. is enhancing its name recognition as a manufacturer of high quality contact lenses. The company is proceeding product development and research further ahead of the manufacture and sale of contact lenses.

That is a countermeasure against contamination of contact lenses, which is a major cause of eye diseases. Taking a consideration of the burden on the eyes in chemical disinfection, a conventional disinfection method, there has been an issue that a strong disinfectant cannot be used. In addition, procedures for washing contact lenses are also complicated so that sufficient cleaning could not be performed, and people who suffer from ophthalmic diseases are endless.

To solve this problem, the company develops antibacterial bactericidal lens and ultraviolet irradiator using photocatalytic action. First of all, we used photocatalyst of titanium oxide to enhance antibacterial bactericidal properties of lens. When this soft contact lens is put in a special lens case filled with physiological saline, and ultraviolet irradiation is performed with the attached ultraviolet irradiator, strong antibacterial bactericidal properties are exhibited, and the soft contact lens can be easily washed with a higher detergency than conventional.

Aiming at the day beyond technology hurdles.

In fact, this product has not been approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare so that it has not yet been commercialized. The thing is that touches or puts on the human body receives more severe national examination from the authority. In addition, the hurdle of technical ability aiming at realization is high. We are told that mostly spending five years to research because it is difficult to make a lens with high antimicrobial bactericidal properties and realize high disinfection effect with inexpensive ultraviolet A wave.

However, few companies have the technology cultivated in that process, and if they are commercialized, they can realize a high advantage. Disinfectant solution is unnecessary so that it is easy to maintain. Since it can be used repeatedly till the lens replacement period, the cost effectiveness is also high. When it is commercialized, the technology will be released, and aiming for sales expansion of ultraviolet irradiators.

  • Having smart phones and PCs closely since younger age, children in modern times often have problems with their eyesight. We shall realize a world where everyone can use soft contact lenses safely. We think that much assistance is still needed for such company's vision. There would be many industries that can think of collaborating with optical system makers.

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We have been developing, manufacturing, and selling contact lenses for over 50 years. We mainly handle soft contact lenses, but we also develop and sell special lenses such as color lenses, astigmatic lenses, and bifocal lenses. Furthermore, based on the skills and experience that we have accumulated over many years, we develop products attached with original value-add never seen on the market before.

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