The "Floating Kit" hydroponic system decreases costs, reduces labor, and increases profits in agriculturegreenspacezouen Co.,Ltd


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Product name = Hydroponic system "Floating Kit"

Overcoming the difficulties of conventional systems

The Floating Kit is a hydroponic system in which the seedlings of vegetables and other plants are planted in a mesh pot and raised in a container that contains a nutrient solution. Conventional hydroponic systems generally have a two-layer configuration consisting of water tank and cultivation tank, and their complex structure causes a considerable amount of problems such as tangled roots and clogged pipes connecting the two layers. However, this one-layer product can be installed and operated at a lower cost than a two-layer system, and even a beginner can set up and manage it with ease. In addition, the large amount of nutrient solution means that seedlings could grow quickly and be harvested in bulk. Users have reported harvesting 1,000 cherry tomatoes and 7 small watermelons from a single seedling.

Another key point is that the company manufactures cultivation vessels of shapes and sizes based on needs. Green Space Zouen manufactures and supplies products tailored to the usage environment, from general households where plants are cultivated on the balcony or under the eaves, to large products for companies and farmers. The cultivation of about 100 types of crops has been confirmed.

Minimize installation and maintenance costs

In addition to its single-layer structure, the product is also characterized by its cultivation method of putting seedlings in a cultivation mesh pot and floating them in a nutrient solution. It is easy to transfer between containers according to the growth of the crop. Pumping air into the nutrient solution causes convection and maintains the oxygen level in the solution to prevent root rot and stagnant water.

Its structure is simple, and plastic and foam material are used for small cultivation containers to keep the price low. It can be installed in various places such as outdoors, the rooftop, balcony, wall surface, and indoors. It is designed to minimize maintenance and allows you to engage in agriculture even at small scales in a way that fits your budget and space, without a large initial investment.

Currently, products for home use are being rolled out through direct sales, online shopping, and sales consignment to roadside stations and several other companies. For large products intended for companies and farmers, Green Space Zouen surveys the site and makes a design and business plan while carrying out trial cultivation. Recently numerous professional farmers have inquired about it.

Making agriculture an attractive industry in the future

The product was completed in four years by Green Space Zouen CEO Shigeki Koyama, who worried about the low profits and heavy labor that would result in a serious shortage of Japanese agricultural workers. It does not require large-scale capital investment like a plant factory, and has low operating costs, but has the potential to make agriculture more attractive by reducing labor and improving profitability. Thus it is a step towards reforming Japanese agriculture. In addition, there are wide-ranging applications such as incorporating the product into solar sharing, the leasing of plant displays for stores, and restaurants producing plants for their own consumption.

To achieve these goals, the company is looking for companies to distribute and install the product, and is also looking at business alliances for further development, manufacturing, and penetration. This product embodies Mr. Koyama's wish to make a hydroponics kit with which anyone can easily harvest large quantities anywhere, which brings nearer the dawn of the next generation of agriculture.
※Erecting props on cultivated land to generate solar power while continuing with farming.

Coverage date July 26,2019


Company overview

greenspacezouen Co.,Ltd

The company was established in 1989. In addition to the landscaping and planting business, the company has been engaged in exterior construction, carport and pavement construction, roof gardening and greening, right from the planning phase. The theme of its business is connecting ideals with reality. After completing the Floating Kit, we acquired a patent (6 items) in 2014 and commercialized it in 2015. Green Space Zouen is striving to solve Japan's agricultural challenges.

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