Recycled polyethylene flooring "Super Julight Series" contributes to SDGsKeiyo Kogyo Co.,Ltd


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The lightweight flooring Rakurakuban from the Super Julight Series is mainly used for agricultural purposes. It can be used repeatedly as a replacement for plywood panels.

Product name: "Super Julight Series"

Recycled polyethylene flooring is resistant to cracking and withstands 80 t of vehicle weight

Keiyo Kogyo's "Super Julight Series" is lightweight protective flooring made of recycled polyethylene. It's so lightweight that it can load about 12 times as much as iron flooring during transport by truck. Moreover, they are laid and moved around with ease by hand at work sites, and their flexibility enables easy adaptation to uneven ground. In addition to excellent water resistance, weather resistance, durability, and chemical resistance, it is also hard to crack and boasts a compressive strength that can withstand a vehicle weight of 80 tons.

The series currently has 15 types in its lineup, and plays a role in a wide range of fields, not only in agriculture, construction, and civil engineering, but also logistics, events, and disaster prevention.

Broad applications and extensive adoption track record

Keiyo Kogyo zeroed in on the material of resin plates originally developed for military use in the United States and improved them to be flexible. The company worked on the development of a more uniform and crack-resistant flooring than conventional flooring made by press molding or injection molding. The company has developed a patented manufacturing method for flooring with protrusions (anti-slip), which was difficult with extrusion molding. Products can now be provided that stand out from other companies.

Sales are carried out through specialized agents for each sector, and in recent years the retail ratio for ordinary customers via the Internet and hardware stores has gradually increased. This has led to more diversified uses, such as farms struggling with mud and ruts, floor protection at factories and warehouses, protective flooring at event venues, and temporary parking lots making use of vacant lots.

It also has high commercial value as a component for enhancing the water resistance, weather resistance, pressure resistance, and durability of other companies' products. For example, it has been used in the pig farming industry as a heat insulating mat component for piglets.

Promising SDGs initiatives and new developments

Moving forward, the series will be required to create new values such as design, functionality, and expandability that become visible after discarding the stereotype of "flooring = protection." Indeed, development is underway to provide reliability and security to all on-site environments, and in particular there are emerging proposals for an environment that attracts customers to tourist farms and the potential of using functional flooring that leads to an increase in yield.

The series does not contain heavy metals, and has obtained the Eco Mark. Keiyo Kogyo has set up a recycling system for collecting and reusing used polyethylene flooring for a fee, in addition to manufacturing products using recycled raw materials. We will be keeping an eye on this company, which wants to launch a new project to create the sustainable society advanced in the SDGs.

Coverage date November 14,2019


Company overview

Keiyo Kogyo Co.,Ltd

The company was established in 1967. Building on plastic molding and processing technology developed over many years, Keiyo Kogyo manufactures valuable products such as plastic flooring made mainly from recycled polyethylene. In addition to promoting SDGs by manufacturing and selling products that contribute to waste reduction as well as setting up a recycling system for used flooring, the company also runs a regional support project that aims to create a mutually supportive region.

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