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With applying the technology cultivated through collaboration with industry, government, and academia, practical application of the world's first fully unmanned rental cycle system.Bellnix Co.,Ltd


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We developed the world's first electric assisted bicycle powered by wireless power supply with a use of IoT and a fully unmanned system that is possible to be introduced at low cost.


  • Corporate stance that is always trying to be creative.
  • Proactiveness toward technology development with collaboration with industry, government and academia.
  • Stance not to miss opportunities.

Corporate attitude for unique productization

As a manufacturer of industrial power equipment, Bellnix Co., Ltd. who design-manufactures the manufactures power supply equipment used in aircraft, medical care, communications, power generation, train control, semiconductor manufacturing and so on. In recent years, we have proposed new solutions such as contactless power supply, high efficiency LLC circuit, DC power supply system, remote monitoring, semi-custom full digital power supply, etc. in order to meet the demand for miniaturization and diversification of electrical equipment.

Of particular note is the wireless power supply system provided by our company. By strengthening the magnetic coupling of the transmitting and receiving windings, the permissible misregistration range required for electric power transmission is expanded. The power transmission efficiency achieves 96%, and it can contribute to the solution of the positional shift required for automation of battery-charging of the moving body.

Practical use of technology cultivated with the collaboration with industry, government, and academia.

The company's proprietary wireless power supply technology has already filed a patent, and it can realize charging automation of various systems. For example, electric power bicycle electricity supply which the company jointly developed with Saitama University in recent years. Electric-assisted bicycle also did not mention the company in the first place, but the company was requested to develop a motor-assisted bicycle from Saitama City, which is expected to have knowledge and technology. In response to the request, the company developed a motor-assisted bicycle to ensure the safety of children. Starting with that, we jointly developed an electric bicycle wireless power supply with Saitama University and realized the practical application of the world's first fully unmanned rental cycle system to Musashi Urawa Station, and Minamino Station in March 2016.

Furthermore, we diversify our business by meeting major telecommunications equipment manufacturers that have participated in the rental cycle business in the fall of 2016. Developed the world's first "electric assisted bicycle powered by wireless power supply with use of “IoT and completely unmanned system that can be introduced at low cost", which is the world's first integrated communication device maker Cloud, communication technology and Bellnix wireless power supply technology. We succeeded in commercializing it. It is scheduled to sell aiming 10,000 units by the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Succeeded in practical application of the world's first completely unmanned bicycle rental system to Musashi Urawa Station and Minamino Station in March 2016.

The chance was an electronica exhibition held in Munich, Germany.

The company was asked by Saitama City to develop a motor-assisted bicycle after having participated in electronica held in Munich, Germany.
Mr. Suzuki, who saw a lot of European technologically advanced personal mobility at a huge exhibition hall in Germany, after returning home, told stakeholders in the city about the experience. From there, it developed to that "Since we have a personal mobility research presentation at Saitama University, we would like you to give Mr. Suzuki a lecture."

By giving a lecture entitled "European Bicycle History Record" focusing on European bicycle culture at that time, a few days later then, Saitama City developed into a story called "we want you to develop a motor-assisted bicycle to increase child safety," "we want to lend child-rearing bicycle to child-rearing mothers."

It was pushed by such enthusiasm to develop the wireless power supply system of electric assisted bicycle.

"We are a company that builds electronic equipment, but we can not make bicycles. But we were persuaded enthusiastically by Saitama City personnel and eventually decided to undertake development. There is a memorable trial-and-error how to improve the safety of children while recalling the figure that a child seat is attached to a big mama-chari, running a town a town in front and behind.”

Suzuki chairman of the company looks back at that time when he embarked on developing a motor-assisted bicycle having no relation with whatsoever. While speaking humbly, the fact that the city and major telecom equipment manufacturers can talk about collaboration is unusual as the company has excellent core technology.

Contactless power supply system provided by our company. Since the electrode does not appear on the surface, there is neither worry of electric shock nor deterioration due to friction.

By the fact that the social requirements are consistent with the perspective of the site, a contactless power supply system was born. Even in different fields,there is a clear-cut purpose, and when it is precisely combined with external technology, new value could be born. Our company's achievement was a successful case that used academic-industrial collaboration well.

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We manufacture power supply units, which are the heart of electronics. We mainly carry out the design, development, manufacturing and sales of industrial DC power supplies that practically apply high-frequency switching regulators, high-precision and high-voltage DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, analog/digital hybrid IC as well as products that practically apply microcomputers. In order to meet the recent needs for downsizing and diversification of electronic equipment, we also propose new solutions based on the keywords of wireless charging systems, high-efficiency LLC circuits, DC power feeding systems, remote monitoring and semi-custom full digital power sources.

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