Evolution of electroless nickel Teflon plating to achieve high levels of hardness and adhesionTOMASEIREN Co.,Ltd


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Example of a product that has been surface-finished using TOMASEIREN technology

Product Name = RESONACOAT

Adding various characteristics to electroless nickel Teflon plating

Surface treatment such as plating is an indispensable process for increasing the added value of materials, such as extending the life of equipment or improving the aesthetics of products. TOMASEIREN Co.,Ltd has developed "RESONACOAT", a technology uses a unique method to further evolve "electroless nickel Teflon plating". Compared with conventional methods, superior hardness and base material adhesion can be realized. Furthermore, it is possible to add excellent characteristics to the base material, such as lubricity, abrasion resistance, non-adhesion, water repellency, and release properties.

RESONACOAT is a composite surface treatment technology consists of three layers with different characteristics. It has a uniform thickness and few pinholes. Additionally, it possesses various properties such as a high level of hardness and base material adhesion, heat resistance of 260°C, and processing of extremely thin film from 5 to 20 μm (1 μm = 0.001 mm). Moreover, the environmentally-friendly chemical solution does not contain any regulated substances. Another major advantage is the ability to handle large and long items.

Increasing added value by augmenting existing technologies with unique construction methods

Ordinary "electroless nickel Teflon plating" is a surface treatment which combines the properties of both nickel and Teflon. This is done by uniformly scattering fine Teflon particles with properties such as slipperiness and non-adhesion into a film of electroless nickel plating. Based on this technology, TOMASEIREN devised original methods such as unique pretreatment of the base material and a special electroless film deposition method, thus enabling higher value-added plating as described above.

The biggest barrier to development was ensuring the stability of chemicals in large tanks. However, this issue was solved by sharing know-how with chemical solution providers, receiving technical advisors from outside the company, and repeatedly improving equipment and operations. Even after establishing the technology, TOMASEIREN has continued its evolution. For example, it now uses even more environmentally-friendly chemicals while maintaining the same level of performance.

Application possible for all industries and products

The technology was first used to control deposits on the inner surface of stainless steel exhaust gas pipes in semiconductor production lines. Now, taking advantage of how the product can be used for long lengths, it has been applied to mandrel* for resin molding, and is also used in various mechanical parts such as film transport guides and rolls. The range of use is expanding even further to include heat exchangers for rust prevention and anti-scale measures, molds and cutter blades aimed at improving peelability, driving screw parts and gear rotating equipment aimed at achieving slipperiness, and fishing and golf gear for the purpose of increasing corrosion resistance and improving aesthetics. TOMASEIREN also wants to take on the challenge of marine parts, which requires the corrosion resistance of metal parts against seawater.

The company's technology can be applied to any genre, regardless of the type of business, product, or purpose of use. By considering how to use RESONACOAT at company, you will surely see the potential for significant added value.
*Core material used for molding resin products with cavities, etc.

Coverage date February 14, 2020


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TOMASEIREN Co., Ltd is an expert in surface treatment that incorporates more than 110 years of tradition into modern surface treatment technology. The company contributes to the resolution of customer issues through advanced technologies such as Teflon plating, electroless nickel plating, and cationic electrodeposition coating.

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