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Workpiece can be measured while set on the processing machine

Product name = In-process measuring device "NK-2000"

Measure the workpiece on the processing machine to reduce losses

Conventionally, to find out whether the dimensions of a workpiece processed by various processing machines are accurate, the work has been moved to a measuring device different from the processing machine for measurement. However, when a processing error is found using this method, it is difficult to reset the workpiece on the processing machine, and the workpiece may end up below specification in the worst case scenario.

With the in-process measuring machine "NK-2000" from Kumamoto Precision Tech, workpieces can be measured with high precision while on a processing machine, promising to eliminate the frequent losses at processing work sites. It can be applied to machining centers, die sinking electric discharge machines, wire electric discharge machines, and surface grinders, and customization is also supported. In addition, if you add the optional "coordinate import software" and "CAD import software," you can just press a button to import the exact machine coordinates indicated by the processing machine manufacturer, and also make comparative measurements with CAD data on the machine.

High-precision measurements in micrometers

The product consists of a camera that captures images of the workpiece, a PC with software that detects and calculates the edges of the workpiece, and an interface. At the time of measurement, the 1 μm (0.001 mm) electron line displayed on the PC was compared with the edges of the workpiece captured by the camera. This measurement technology, developed in collaboration with Kyushu Institute of Technology, not only achieved high-precision measurement in micrometers, but also eliminated variations in measurement precision due to the ability of the operator.

At the time of adoption, both demonstrations using the company's measurement stage as well as demonstrations using processing machines for which the use of NK-2000 is actually under consideration are available.

Looking ahead to automatic processing and automatic measurement in the near future

Over the past three years since its release, over 100 units have been adopted. It has been adopted mostly by mold manufacturers, and some companies use them in a variety of ways such as measuring workpieces both pre- and post-processing. A processing machine manufacturer has requested a collaboration, and NK-2000 is currently being adapted for automatic processing.

In the precision processing industry, demand for automatic processing and automatic measurement is expected to increase more and more moving forward. The prominence of NK-2000 and Kumamoto Precision Tech's technologies, which are just what these times call for, will increase with near certainty.

Coverage date February 5, 2020


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Established in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1976. Based on its corporate philosophy of "providing reliability in precision processing," Kumamoto Precision Tech has continued to provide high-precision parts and their processing technologies. Striving to be a "General Metal Engineering Company," Kumamoto Precision Tech pursues a system that can respond to diversifying and sophisticated needs, and technological innovation that meets the needs of the times. Relocated to a new factory in Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture in February this year.

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