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"Water returning to nature" to deodorize powerfully and promote plant growth
"Mizumac" challenging with water and the achievement of 35 yearsSanshu industrial Co.,Ltd


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"Mizumac forest scent" that demonstrates a wide range of effects from deodorant effect to growth promotion


  • "Tokyo Akasaka Guest House "Japanese style annex" and Saitama "Musashi kyuryo national government park" etc. have been assigned to water quality management
  • Components close to elements of nature activate deodorant effects and plant growth
  • The potential for taking on environmentally friendly future agriculture and industry

Experience in long-term water quality management

In recent years scented products are accessible, such as softening agent booms for fragrant clothes. While a variety of scents are required from consumers, scents tend to cause a headache and allergic symptoms for those who are sensitive to the chemical substance as a raw material. Many people troubled their heads with how to eliminate unpleasant smells, as the awareness of scents rises.
Sansyu Industrial Co., Ltd. has created "Mizumac forest scent" that can be expected to have a tremendous deodorizing effect based on years of research and experience. Developed initially as a plant pest prevention and growth promotion agent, a unique study has found that a liquid that regulates the growth environment of plants also has a deodorizing effect of air.
We opened in 1982 as a manufacturer of "irrigation equipment" systems that performs gardening watering. Mr. Hidetoshi Kobayashi, CEO of the company, is a "water specialist" who has offered a system of water-related to horticulture on the theme "Think about water and plants" for 35 years.
We are also participating in the remediation work on the purification equipment in the pond of the Akasaka Guest House "Japanese style annex". It is one of the leading places in the country where state guests from all over the world visit, realizing a system that maintains high water quality over 9 years. Besides, we have worked on water management of the pond scattered in the "Musashi kyuryo national government park" in Higashimatsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture. Several ponds scattered in a large-scale environment with the size of Tokyo Dome 65 are water quality that fish can not inhabit. We have made it "fresh water" that fish will come back to.

Extraordinary deodorant effect and factors to promote the growth of plants

"Mizumac forest scent" developed by Sansyu Industrial Co., Ltd. has been developed with rose producers for about 10 years. This producer has been involved in the growth of rose and Phalaenopsis orchids, facing problems of plant diseases and insects. The experience of thinking about the growth of plants for decades has played an important role in the development of "Mizumac forest scent."
If we dilute this product made from cypress extract with water, it will activate plant growth in about half a month. Also, spraying the diluted liquid with water into a room or clothes that smell also has a deodorizing effect. If you dilute it to about 10,000 times in the bath, you can also enjoy the scent like a Japanese cypress bath, and the smell of the hot water you feel after several families have used will also disappear.
The undiluted solution that is effective in many ways is composed of components close to the elements of nature. The EC (Electrical Conductivity) value showing the salt concentration of the soil and the pH value as the indicator of the acidity/alkalinity of the land are also neutral and close to the elements of water in nature. By using "Mizumac forest scent," prepare fresh water close to the natural world, and when sunlight is added to it, the environment where plants grow healthy is set. Flowers such as roses and Turkish whitefish, vegetables such as tomatoes and melons and fruits also make this planting solution and water and sunlight only successfull.
Sansyu Industrial Co., Ltd., which has been deeply engaged in "Water and Gardening," noticed the importance of preparing pure nature's provision, not excessive nutrition necessary for the living creature's environment. The research and experience related to microorganisms cultivated in water quality management are also utilized, and it is said that it exhibits a powerful deodorizing effect by arranging the breeding of organisms causing odor.

Want to be friendly to the environment

The project that Sansyu Industrial Co., Ltd. intends to expand further in the future is to have the deodorizing effect of "Mizumac forest scent" used under various large scale environments. One of them is agriculture and has already been introduced experimentally to a factory that produces "organic fertilizer (livestock excrement or fertilizer made by fermenting grass)".
Especially in livestock farming and agriculture making foods that humans eat, it is also an era where it is questioned whether it is safe, not only the product itself but also the environment in which the product is made. What is needed now is an environment close to the original natural environment with few artifacts and chemicals. Sansyu Industrial Co., Ltd. has great potential to play a part in the future of agriculture and industry considering the environment as well as immediate productivity.

To live comfortably, you need to consider not only the things in front of you but also the process to put it in your hand and the influence on the surroundings, even after you leave your side.
"Given the origins of plants, I think that it is not difficult to grow plants," Kobayashi said. In the modern era of artifacts and chemicals, refreshing to an old natural environment will lead to the development of agriculture, livestock industry, and others. Furthermore, if we can show effects on health damage caused by scent, we also feel the possibility of need in the medical field.

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We aim toward high quality crops, high yield and safety, therefore we concentrate on the development of cultivation mediums and apparatuses that allow for ideal water dispersion and fertilization management tailored to cultivation environment factors such as water, soil and weather conditions (such as temperature, humidity, amount of sunlight, CO2).

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