Noise, vibration, dust, etc. are monitored by utilizing reliable measurements and instrumentation know-how of the company engaged in comprehensive inspection. “CEEMS cloud version” that can perform batch management using the cloud.Chugai Technos Corp


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CEEMS cloud version. An easy to install and inexpensive system that is expected to be used at many sites

Points to be noted

  • Ability to develop new products by combining reliable measurements and instrumentation technologies with IOT and cloud technologies
  • Measurement and instrumentation know-how that can support the measurement requirements of customers

Chugai Technos Corporation, founded in 1953 at Hiroshima, is a company engaged in comprehensive inspection that expanded the inspection items to meet customer requirements. A wide range of inspections and measurements from government agencies and private companies are undertaken such as environmental analysis and survey to examine whether the atmosphere, soil, and water are suitable for the health and living environment of humans; measurement of cracks and scratches, and strength of social infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and tunnels; status of facilities in industrial plants such as oil refining facilities, and chemical plants. Engineers account for 80% of the approximately 1000 employees, making the company a group of engineers.

The company was engaged in the measurement of noise and vibration by its instrumentation personnel since its founding, and in 2008, a system was setup to collectively measure the inspection items required for large-scale construction sites. This system was the “CEEMS (PLC Version)”. The setup consists of arranging sensors for measuring noise and vibration, dust, and wind direction and speed, the system then sends the data to the on-site monitoring system using industrial use PLCs (sequencer). The system is remote-controlled and automated so that real-time measurement values can be monitored.
Even residents living in areas around the construction sites can see the measured values of noise, vibration, and dust in real time, and display boards can be installed to show that the values are below the required environmental criteria. People living in the surrounding areas feel a sense of security as they can see real-time data, and such displays play a major role as a measure to stop complaints.

This system has been used in dozens of areas with proven results, such as during dismantling of large-scale construction sites and waste incineration facilities. The system was successfully upgraded using IoT and cloud technology. “CEEMS Cloud Version” service was started from November 2018.

Working of the CEEMS cloud version

CEEMS cloud version can be used to connect various sensors as shown in the above figure, and the system can be customized to meet customer requirements, for example, environmental items such as noise and vibration, or abnormality and working condition, and flow rate of pipes used in production lines and solar power systems. Respective measured values are collected at a central gateway, and from the cloud it can be sent to the computer in the control room or smart phones of administrators, and the values can be checked anytime, anywhere.

As in the PLC version, in addition to noise and vibration, dust, wind direction and speed, various items such as measurement of inclination angle of retaining walls required for civil engineering have been added. Sensors of different manufacturers can be incorporated, and data can be collected with a high frequency at a minimum interval of 3 seconds. The company engaged in comprehensive inspection with deep knowledge of many inspection items has the ability to manufacture various sensors according to the requirements of customers and can centrally manage the measurement results.

The recorded output data can be customized into reports, data management becomes easy for customers, saving labor and reducing costs. Environmental and engineering items that were required to be ordered from other inspection companies can now be ordered in a batch from this company which improves work efficiency.

Using the cloud has enabled costs to be reduced and made installation easier. Though the focus of the cloud system was long-term use in large scale sites, the cloud version can be expected to be used for trials in small-scale sites and short-term use. The system will contribute to reduction of installation costs even in large-scale sites.

If customers are not sure how to measure an item, the company will propose the most suitable plan starting from sensor selection to the analysis method by utilizing the measurement and instrumentation know-how nurtured over many years. That is, the company can provide complete support for measurement and instrumentation.Customers can outsource with confidence and in addition, they can save time and improve work efficiency.

The company has plans to handle image data in addition to measurement data. For example, they are considering the use of image data to save labor for inspections implemented manually to measure sizes and locations of cracks in each concrete wall. Etsuko Umimi, director of Corporate Strategy HQ said, “In the future, we would like to offer new value using external data such as big data, weather and satellite images, and GPS information”.

Interview Date: November 6, 2018


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Established in Hiroshima city, we provide inspection technology cultivated in the Setouchi industrial area to customers nationwide as a third-party organization. We value our attitude to learn from the customers and strive to improve the technology. Based on inspection technology cultivated in a wide range of fields, we aim to integrate engineering services that contribute to solving customer's technical issues, improving quality and enhancing productivity.

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