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With Ultra High Precision Technology, toward Top Quality of Centerless Processing Technology.Alpha Tech Co.,Ltd


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  • Overwhelming technical power in a specific field and application to the different fields.
  • Delivery speed by domestic procurement.
  • Precise inspection as the background of trust.

Strengths as an overwhelming technical group.

Centerless work that grinds a workpiece between the grindstones and performs surface grinding while rotating the material. As a professional group of centerless machining, the company provides processing technology specialized for small diameter parts. Especially the elongated small diameter precision parts are proven overwhelming, and it is possible to machine a thin size that can not be ground by conventional manufacturers and even in case of 30 μm (1 μm = 1 / 1,000 mm).

Even thin material which could not be processed by the conventional centerless technology can be grinded in case of 30 μm in the company.

In addition, the shape that can be realized by centerless machining varies from straight to pointed tip. The material which can be ground with our technology are harder materials such as cemented carbide and powder high-speed steel, tungsten steel, various stainless steel, and materials which conventional technology cannot grind.
For example, catheter wires that support endovascular treatment. For the catheter, nickel titanium having shape resilience, corrosion resistance, and friction resistance is suitable. However, nickel titanium is high in strength and difficult to process so that few manufacturers could process elongate and centerless. In the meantime, our company is able to process this type of nickel titanium with using the micro-size technology which we have cultivated over many years.

Obsessiveness to domestic material creates development speed.

Till now, domestic medical device manufacturers often import materials and processing machines from overseas when developing catheters made of nickel titanium. On the other hand, if ordered to our company, the procedure starting from material procurement, material processing, and completion can be done domestically. Responding speed to requests such as material change and heat treatment conditions is also quick so that the development speed of medical equipment is improved significantly.

Confirmation of completion one by one with one person's hands. Quality management is also thorough.

By implementing the thorough quality control system, trust with manufacturers has been recognized, and leading to actual achievements. We have the in-house quality control department and are confirmed by one person's handling of small diametered precision goods processed. Even if thousands or tens of thousands of wires are processed per day, this posture will not change.

These technological capabilities and quality control system are appraised in recent years, and the orders to processing and production requirements of catheter wires from medical device manufacturers have been increased. Demand for medical equipment will continue to increase in Japan, which has a problem of 2025 and is entering into a super aging society. The company which has strong ties with medical equipment manufacturers must continue to contribute to the development of new products with technology specialized in small diameter parts one after another.

"We are planning to expand to overseas in the future onward." Mr. Ohno, Representative Director.

Key is how to apply accumulation technology to new fields.

In 1982, our company started as a processing department of the steel material sales industry from the processing business of dot printer wires. As the dot printer gradually disappeared from the world, the company expanded to the correspondence area to survive. As a result, we succeeded in providing machining technology that matches products suitable for that era; such as, semiconductor inspection terminals, core pins for molds and wires for catheters. Currently it continues to grow as a good company to record surplus for 14 consecutive years. The company was able to achieve flexible change so far due to the fact that the centerless technology which was cultivated by dot printer wire processing, machining thinner and longer than anywhere else. Even when the IT bubble burst, sales of core pins for mold temporarily fell, they sought to survive there; therefore, the advancement to the medical field of high precision wire for catheter was realized.

In the world of MONOZUKURI, when problems occur in the product characteristics during designing, they may be solved by reviewing the material of product. However, in case of converting the material, many manufacturers may not know where to obtain the material and where to process it. In such cases, please consult with our company which is able to process any material freely. As the supplier who has all routes to access to the material suppliers, you can also order materials of sizes which are not normally available . Even if you had not been able to obtain it, we can process and manufacture it for you; therefore, we must be a very reliable presence.

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We are a team of professional engineers with expertise in centerless processing. We can handle materials difficult to process, such as micro-parts that cannot be found in the market, special steel, carbide material, and ceramics as well as super-precision micro-processed products, small diameter materials, and contract processing. We can make proposals depending on the purpose of usage, based on our deep understanding of each material.

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