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The Most Important Aspect of Exhibiting is to Discover Your Strengths and Differentiating it with other BusinessesUogishi Seiki Interactive Corporation

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Uogishi Seiki Interactive boasts an extensive corporate history of over 70 years, and it began exhibiting at the New Value Creation Exhibition last year. The point the company focuses on the most when exhibiting is to promote value-added propositions.

Initially a die-casting mold manufacturer with history of great failures

Uogishi Seiki Interactive celebrated its 70th year since founding in 2016. It manufactures aluminum die-casting molds mainly forming functional parts for automobiles by injecting aluminum, melted to approximately 780℃, into molds.

“Uogishi Seiki Interactive is the first mold manufacturer established in Toyama Prefecture, and the first company in the Hokuriku region to operate a die-casting mold business. The source of our company’s strength is our know-how and achievements in mold manufacturing that we have accumulated over 70 years. I think this is an aspect that competitors in the industry would find difficult to beat,” explains President Tsutomu Uogishi about the advantages that the company prides itself in.

However, the company did not have an easy path in the beginning when it manufactured die-casting molds.

“In 1946, when our company was founded, we manufactured simple press-working molds called stamping molds, given that it was right after the war. Later, we manufactured molds for sash, plastic injection molding used for home electrical appliances, and other molds, but we started manufacturing die-casting molds based on a request from an affiliate company, a major home electrical appliance manufacture. in Fukui Prefecture,” says Uogishi.

The former president accepted the request lightly thinking, “If we can manufacture plastic molds, we would surely be able to manufacture metal molds, too,” but this simpleminded belief resulted in a huge failure. Molds made from resin as raw material and molds made from metal raw material significantly differed in structure.

However, Uogishi Seiki Interactive did not give up on die-casting molds.

Uogishi shares, “About 40 years ago, Japanese automakers started building their plants in the coastal industrial zone of Toyama Prefecture. As a result we started to manufacture aluminum die-casting molds in full stride, but we neither had the manufacturing know-how nor engineers with expertise back then. Thus, we decided to send our factory manager to a Switzerland-based manufacturer specialized in die-casting technology for training, and the manager learned the ins and outs of aluminum die-casting. The skills that the manager gained at that time is the source of our company’s current die-casting technology.”

Later, the company faced a significant drop in earnings after the collapse of Lehman Brothers and ensuing the financial crisis in 2008, but it overcame those crises, and now it has become an acclaimed mold manufacturer by everyone in the industry's Hokuriku region. The company’s great reputation is not only heard in the Hokuriku region, but it has also penetrated every corner of Japan, and it now boasts a solid track record, conducting businesses with almost all Japanese automakers.

It is not enough to just promote your technology at the exhibition

Last year, in 2015, Uogishi Seiki Interactive participated in the New Value Creation Exhibition for the first time. Why did the company decide to participate in the exhibition, even though it is already well-recognized within the industry?

Uogishi explains, “Although our company manufactures molds, the products we manufacture belong to the customers who ordered them. So we cannot promote our company using those products. That’s why it's important for us to participate in trade fairs like the New Value Creation Exhibition, but I am also fully aware that it is difficult to gain leads to new orders on the spot. But, rather than aiming to get orders, I particularly focus on promoting our company’s strengths, so that visitors who do not know what Uogishi Seiki Interactive does can immediately recognize what kind of business we run."

Uogishi shares that, last year when the company exhibited, a visitor who knew the company told him, “I saw you exhibiting at the New Value Creation Exhibition! Many high-spirited companies participate in that exhibition. It must mean that Uogishi Seiki Interactive is a high-spirited company, too!” However, we wondered whether in reflection the company found exhibiting at the New Value Creation Exhibition to be beneficial. So, we asked Uogishi on how he felt on that point.

He responded, “Whenever I am asked if exhibiting would be beneficial, I respond clearly that it is highly beneficial. As I mentioned earlier, we cannot put the molds themselves on display, but our company has the technology to manufacture molds. We tried to think of the very core of our company's technology, and made an earnest effort to reflect and rediscover our strengths. I think this is the important point! Making wholehearted efforts to discover your own strengths and putting that on display and expressing it, rather than just promoting one's technology, will surely become a great opportunity to differentiate your business from other companies in the same industry.

This year (2016), we focused on promoting not only how our company has the technology to manufacture molds, but also the ability to provide added value based on molds, such as by undertaking the total processes before and after manufacturing molds—including pre-inspection of how the raw material is fed into the mold before manufacturing and whether there are defects inside the mold, as well as proposals on how to lower defect rates by considering how to conduct maintenance after manufacturing. We did this because we thought that this is what significantly sets us apart from other companies in the industry. I think what ultimately leads to sales in our main business of mold manufacturing is not just manufacturing molds, but improving customer satisfaction level by doing our best within our own capability to help solve customer challenges, backed by our track record of 70 years in the business."

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We are a long-established mold manufacturer that was founded in 1946. We are advertising our ability to reduce cost and lead time by providing customers with technical support based on the manufacturing technological capability and vast experience that we have acquired over a period of many years.

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