Supporting the planning and design of compact, lightweight, and high-output lithium-ion batteriesYASHIMA DENGYO Co.,Ltd


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Lithium-ion batteries can be custom-made in accordance with customer needs

Product Name = Custom-Made "Lithium-Ion Battery"

Enabling the planning and desing of lithium-ion that are powerful even while compact and lightweight

Lithium-ion batteries are some of the smallest and lightest secondary batteries that can be recharged, while still possessing high voltage. Furthermore, they maintain their power even when the remaining battery power is low. Lithium-ion batteries are used in all types of rechargeable electronic devices including mobile phones, smartphones, notebook computers, electronic cigarettes, and electric vehicles (EVs).

YASHIMA DENGYO Co.,Ltd plans, designs, and manufactures general lithium-ion batteries using organic electrolytes and lithium-ion polymer batteries using polymer electrolytes. In addition to preparing a wide lineup that supports DC12V to 48V, YASHIMA DENGYO also engages in planning, design, trial production, and mass production according to needs.

Over 50% domestic market share in batteries for large drones

YASHIMA DENGYO started its battery business about 20 years ago. Initially, the company's main products were NiCad batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries. However, based on the philosophy of being "environmentally-friendly," it started designing and developing lithium-ion batteries. Since about 10 years ago, YASHIMA DENGYO has continued to sell the "FishingCUBE" series of batteries for electric reels used in consumer fishing rods. It also boasts a domestic market share of over 50% for batteries used in large drones.

As the result of listening to the opinions of users, improving products, and expanding lineups, YASHIMA DENGYO has earned a high reputation in the market and many repeat customers. Also, in the case of industrial batteries, a category for which inquiries have been increasing recently, the company responds by carefully listening to customer needs and then proposing product planning and design.

In the future, responding to various needs mainly for industrial use

YASHIMA DENGYO views the industrial battery market as having a promising future. In particular, the company will actively promote the development of large-capacity batteries for which needs is increasing. It will also focus on research and development of long-life batteries capable of more than 3,000 cycles*. In addition to the high performance of the battery itself, YASHIMA DENGYO is concurrently developing a "Pesticide Spraying Hybrid Drone". This drone combines a gasoline engine which enables even longer flight times by utilizing the characteristics of long-life batteries.

YASHIMA DENGYO welcomes inquiries or consultations on any battery-related issues; for example, factories which require large-capacity batteries for AGVs (automated guided vehicles) or other equipment. Companies that are worried about batteries will find that first contacting YASHIMA DENGYO may help them solve business issues and attract business opportunities.
* The number of times that the cycle from charge to discharge can be repeated

Coverage date January 30, 2020


Company Overview


The company was founded as a private business in 1960. Afterwards, YASHIMA DENGYO Co.,Ltd was established in Osaka in 1974. The company develops and sells a wide variety of lithium-ion batteries for use in everything from consumer products to industrial products, as well as peripheral devices. It is also engaged in the development and sales of FA systems, and is developing a Pesticide Spraying Hybrid Drone.

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