The ZeroCoat Sheet readily shields windows from heat and protects against UV raysZEROCON Co.,Ltd


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The clear heat shielding ZeroCoat Sheet is easy to apply

Product name = Clear heat shielding ZeroCoat sheet for glass

Both high performance and a reasonable price

As society moves to reduce cooling, anti-heat measures have become a major issue in all locations such as offices, stores, and houses. There has been the option of applying a heat shield sheet or heat shield coating to the window glass, but asking a professional to do the work would be costly, and applying a commercially available sheet yourself might not produce the desired effect, or it might be difficult to apply.

The ZeroCoat sheet is a clear heat shield sheet applied to window glass that blocks about 75%*1 of near infrared rays that cause heat and about 99%*2 of ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn. Visible light transmittance is also cut by about 25%, leading to reduced glare.

All you need to do is spray water on a soft vinyl chloride sheet and the glass surface. Because it uses the action of the bonded section to create vacuum conditions, it can be applied without using an adhesive. Compared to a commercially available sheet using adhesive, it is easier to apply and peel off, leaving almost no trace of peeling. The price is reasonable and you can apply it yourself, so you don't need to pay for work to be done. It should reduce your use of cooling units by 20 to 25%.

*1 A value obtained by measuring the solar transmittance according to JIS A 5759 and subtracting from 100 the simple average value of transmittance values in the wavelength range of 780 nm to 2500 nm (1 nm = 0.000001 mm).
*2 A value measured and calculated according to JIS A 5759.

Enhanced performance by developing original materials

ZeroCoat Sheet prevents the penetration of near infrared rays and ultraviolet rays by kneading metal nanoparticles that absorb ultraviolet rays and near infrared rays into the sheet.

The developer Zerocon selects effective metal nanoparticles that absorb in the 980 to 1280 nm wavelength range in which people are prone to feel hot, which lies within the broad wavelength range of near infrared light at 780 to 2500 nm. Heat shielding was improved. In addition, Zerocon focuses on the mixing and dispersion of metal nanoparticles into the sheet, and is also committed to creating a final finish that looks flat and smooth. In addition, Zerocon collaborates with partner companies in China on the preparation and production of metal nanoparticles. By making use of insights accumulated in the field of glass shielding coatings, trial production and testing were repeated to achieve both ideal quality and a low price.

Increasing adoption in small offices, stores, and rental housing

The ZeroCoat sheet achieves high quality at a reasonable price and is not prone to leaving peeling marks. It can be readily used for properties such as small stores, offices, and rental properties that were previously not shielded due to budgets and circumstances.

In fact, it is widely used in small stores such as convenience stores, various facilities, and houses. A hospital where it was adopted reported that the setting sun made it hard to keep the facility cool even with the AC on, but now the temperature feels much cooler. It is readily used at offices of construction sites that are used for a limited time such as several months to several years.

A clear sheet that blocks ultraviolet rays and near infrared rays, it can be used as a material for creating products with new value, such as clear parasols and sunshades.

In addition to the current clear insulation type, the company plans to promote a wider range of products such as mask heat shield sheets and automotive heat shield sheets used on glass surfaces other than automobile windshields.

Coverage date July 2, 2019


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Zerocon proposes appropriate energy-saving measures for buildings by developing, selling, and constructing heat shield coating, heat shield sheet, and heat shield film for window glass, as well as planning and executing rooftop greening. As an exclusive distributor of ZeroCoat, a glass shielding coating with world-class heat shielding peformance, Zerocon develops and sells the clear heat shielding ZeroCoat Sheet for glass that you can readily apply yourself.

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