This is the world's first! New technology that anyone can easily make a film formation. It was born from Academic-Industrial Collaboration with Hokkaido University.NAZCA Corp


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Learnning Points

  • Always thinking about NEXT based on "own basic technology" that you possess.
  • Academic-Industrial Collaboration is conducted as closely as falling into someone's arms.
  • Even in the field of B to B, the enterprises are not afraid to foray into the field of B to C.

"CS1". It is a breakthrough product that anyone can easily make film formation excellent in antifouling, antibacterial and super-hydrophobic. This is a successful case of commercialization that NAZCA and Hokkaido University have worked out on the basis of the patent-applicated nano-technology technology jointly developed in accordance with Academic-Industrial Collaboration program. "CS1" is film-formed on touch panels; such as, smart phones and tablets, protecting the surface from dirt and scratches, and realizing durability and hygiene enhancement. The evaluation is high, sales at large electronics retail stores and online shopping are steady; furthermore, it is told to be developed to deal with car manufacturers in the future. In this way, the high versatility of "CS1" is able to be developed not only for consumer use but also for various industrial fields. For instance, cleaning a printing press, which was a big challenge for major printing companies, but it is said that with forming "CS 1", two people have been able to complete what they were doing with six people.

Encouragement of Academic-Industrial Collaboration

In collaboration with Hokkaido University, not only to realize the idea for the global environment which is being the basic policy of NAZCA, we opened a laboratory at "Hokkaido University Business Spring" within the its campus. Rather than simply requiring, we made ourselves deeply involve into technology development and as a result filed the patent application jointly; moreover, the situation made it this far because that we were closely dealing with till the use of the logo mark of Hokkaido University was approved to the product, accordingly.

Further to next!

NAZCA is currently working on technology development with the perspective of Academic-Industrial Collaboration with Professor of University of Tokyo. This is a large-scale project to undertake the computer development boasting the speed 100 times as high as the conventional one. In that case, the problem is that the CPU are easier to get deteriorated more than before. For that purpose, "CS1" which exerts the excellent ability to prevent oxidation is raised as a powerful candidate for oxidation countermeasures.

In this manner, "CS1" which can provide added-value to the surface of every material is expected to be active in various fields in the future.

  • NAZCA's film forming technology is world-leading level.
    It is a bold navigation that applies it to the most familiar smart phone. There are many points to learn about Academic-Industrial Collaboration with Hokkaido University which made that possible.
  • Can it be possible for Film forming technology to apply to such as "medical", "education", "food and drink industry", which are highly concerned about hygiene, and other company's technology development?
  • The range of application of various film forming technologies including "CS1" is wide, and it shall be remarkable as a value added technology.

company information

We are doing research on adding functions to a substrate with Tokyo University and Hokkaido University, and technology for nano-level film formation is the first in the world and there is no other technique like it. We successfully formed a crystal film of fluorine, which realizes soil-resistant products, chemical-resistant products, and water vapor barriers using the characteristic of fluorine, and we received an order for a chemical-resistant product from a large semiconductor manufacturer.

company information

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