Through the development of an original program, it realizes continuous 3D scanning of "1 second or less"iNNOVATiON-i Co.,Ltd


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Cubeey, a software service capable of high-speed, continuous, whole-body 3D scanning, which is expected to be utilized in various fields such as healthcare, entertainment, and architecture.

Learnning Points

  • "We want to offer benefits to the world" feelings on innovation
  • Collaboration with various players including medical institutions and 3D scanner makers

Start a joint development plan with medical institutions

From the thought of CEO, Tanaka that "I want to innovate to make what I could not do so far and provide benefits to the world," iNNOVATiON - i Corporation established. We have developed and released this time is a software service "Cubeey" (international patent filed) that allows a rapid, continuous and cheap 3D scan of the whole body.

In the case of a general 3D scan service, the time required for one scan is about 30 seconds to 2 minutes, whereas if this software is used, it can shorten the time to "1 second or less" becomes possible. Because it can scan those who often move around and are forced to be in an unstable position (for example, with one leg lifted) not only children and pets that can not stay still but also by fractures of feet, etc., It can be said that it is an epoch-making software that contributes to the efficiency of inspections at institutions and others.

Not only high-speed 3D scanning but also continuous scanning is an excellent point. By using continuous scan, it is possible to acquire a plurality of consecutive 3D data in a manner as if recording a series of operations of the subject with a video camera. For example, at the rehabilitation site, it is possible to grasp the actions of each broken bone patient exercising three-dimensionally and with time. By efficiently utilizing this 3D data, medical personnel can formulate and provide rehabilitation plans that are most suitable for patients. Today, joint development projects are in progress at our research institutions and medical institutions, and some growth is expected in 2018.

Cubeey Component

"The possibility to utilize also in entertainment and architecture. Spreading business opportunities."

There is a possibility that it can be utilized not only in healthcare but also in entertainment. In the case of ordinary cameras, you can just see singers and idols from one direction, but if you incorporate this software, you can enjoy live from various trends, such as left side and top. By manipulating their 3D data on the screen of a PC or smartphone, you can enjoy a more realistic life while staying at home.

And iNNOVATiON-i is also works with 3D scanner makers and building companies looking at the construction site. If realized, acquiring 3D data in time series enables efficient progress management. Automatic operation of building machines is also becoming a topic at construction sites, the use of 3D data progressed, and it will become a significant business opportunity for our company. "Cubeey" which can be expected to be used in healthcare, entertainment, architecture and multiple industries. Future developments are likely to pay attention.

  • CEO Tanaka who experienced system engineer developed "Cubeey" in August 2015. As a result of developing a unique program and advancing development, it realized high-speed scanning of "less than 1 second". "Cubeey" is being studied for use in industries expected to grow in the future, such as the healthcare domain. As the company name, can you innovate in the world? The spread of "Cubeey" may have a significant impact on the medical community.

company information

We possess "high-speed 3D scanning technology" and "continuous 3D scanning technology" that have been filed for an international patent and provide the development and sales of high-speed & continuous full-body 3D scanning service.

company information

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