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We Solve Problems Faced by Visitors That Come to Our Booth. New Business Matching Brings Happiness to Our CompanyTAMURA Co., Ltd.

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Located in Kasugai city, Aichi Prefecture, TAMURA Co., Ltd. specializes in metal machining using machining center and NC compound lathe. It has an established reputation of high-precision machining. In this article, we interviewed President Yusaku Tamura on the significance of exhibiting at New Value Creation Exhibition.

Actively taking on “difficult work”

TAMURA Co., Ltd., which mainly carries out commissioned processing, manufactures a rich variety of parts. It creates parts that require high precision, such as parts for machinery, robots and transportation equipment used for manufacturing semiconductor and liquid crystal.

Mr. Tamura states, “We specialize in unusual parts that are in a sense difficult to manufacture such as the drive system of machinery. Our facility has a wide variety of cutting-edge machinery such as CNC combined lathe and a simultaneous 5-axis machining center, and we make an effort to receive orders for challenging parts so that we can leverage these machines. Our company’s strength is the production of many product types in varying amounts, and processing that others cannot do.”

Manufacturing is not finished once completed

The parts manufactured by TAMURA Co., Ltd. are not only desirable for their quality and precision. Mr. Tamura also focuses on “guarantee.”

He explains, “We provide the inspection record obtained by three-dimensional measurement to guarantee the dimensions and quality. I believe that guaranteeing products that we manufacture is our responsibility, and Japanese manufacturers going forward will need to provide thorough follow-up until the ‘conclusion,’ in the process of introduction, development, turn, and conclusion.”

Sales and business management also lead to trust

Mr. Tamura believes that thoroughly carrying out all processes until guarantee allows companies to demonstrate their sense of responsibility and presence. He also believes that sales and business management efforts lead to earning trust from customers.

“We have promoted our company’s areas of specialization through various approaches such as business meetings and the Internet. We also put a lot of effort in cleaning, because it would be better for the factory to be clean than dirty when interested customers visit our factory. We have invested a lot in machinery so that we can differentiate ourselves from others in terms of facility. Our organized factory is equipped with unique machinery. We believe that a factory that is interesting to visitors will also lead to earning their trust,” says Mr. Tamura.

You can’t play catch without throwing the ball! Exhibitions are an opportunity

Mr. Tamura also places importance on exhibitions as a sales tool. He says he felt a highly positive response from exhibiting at the New Value Creation Exhibition.

He states, “We do our best to actively exhibit at exhibitions. We saw results in exhibiting at the New Value Creation Exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight. First of all, I find value in the fact that people interested in our technology, or people with problems that they would like to solve, visit our booth. I think that visitors give us their business cards because they have some kind of need. Later, this need can link to sales efforts. I think the important point in exhibitions is how we display our own technology, how we promote things that match customer needs, and how we create business matches. After all, you can’t play catch without throwing the ball.”

Although the company is confident in its own technology, unlike companies that have their own products, it cannot easily advertise products commissioned to it as sales tools. Perhaps, for Mr. Tamura, exhibitions like New Value Creation Exhibition serve the function of a large-sized showroom.

"Happy factory” that polishes its technology and seizes opportunities

Lastly, we asked Mr. Tamura about his thoughts on manufacturing and business.

He responded, “I hope that by refining our technology, customers respond by saying they ‘like it’ in the end. Although our company is not big in size, by pursuing our unique characteristics such as the varied volume high mix production and the processing of unusual parts, we have established direct business accounts with large companies, too. Perhaps this has resulted in our ability to conduct transparent business and manufacturing reflecting our passion. Also, when working in a certain location, we have approached companies in the surrounding areas. These circles have gradually expanded, and now we have connections with customers not only in the neighboring areas but also in various regions including Kyushu (Southern Island), Kansai (Western Japan), and Chugoku regions (5 prefectures in further Western Japan). This can be said of exhibitions, too, but it’s important to utilize encounters and seize opportunities.”

Mr. Tamura assesses the company as a “happy production factory” in light of how it has continued to improve performance while experiencing periods of struggle during the economic downturn following the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Furthermore, he says that the New Value Creation Exhibition has contributed greatly in encountering new companies, which has lead to the company's happiness.

Listening to Mr. Tamura, we felt strongly that this “happiness” is not something that is brought on by luck, but is rather backed by relentless company efforts and the drive to take on challenges toward realizing new technologies.

Yusaku Tamura, President

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We are engaged in processing using machining centers and NC lathe, usually with the precision of 5/1,000 millimeters. We handle various materials including stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper, heat-resistant copper, and resin. We have several state-of-the-art 5-asix machining systems to respond to any demand.

company information

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