Highly accurate and durable micro pumps that can be integrated into a variety of equipment.ATT MOL Inc.


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A wide range of products that can contribute to miniaturization and high precision in various situations

Product Name = Precision Metering Pump "TS-MP Series Micro Pump"

Integration into a wide range of equipment such as dispensing and pumping systems has enabled miniaturization and high accuracy.

Plunger pumps*2 that support dispensing*1 and feeding systems in a wide range of manufacturing fields, including automotive parts, have the advantage of being good for obtaining high pressure and increased amounts of liquid transported per stroke, but there are technical hurdles that must be overcome in order to make them compact and improve their performance at the same time.

The precision metering pump "TS-MP Series Micro Pump" of ATT MOL Corporation is a plunger pump with high precision and stability in spite of its small size and light weight. The system is compatible with both metering and continuous pumping, and can deliver fluids in the range of 10 μl (1 μl = 0.001 ml) to 3 ml per minute with high accuracy. Pressure resistance of 0.5 to 1 MPa and pumping resolution of 0.00635 to 1.0052 μl/pulse are achieved. It can be easily integrated into various devices such as dispensing equipment, analyzers, clinical testing equipment, and diagnostic equipment as a module, and is expected to play an active role in fields that require high accuracy and reliability.
*1 Discharging a certain volume of a fluid that will be used as a specimen or sample in research and testing
*2 A pump that changes the volume of a liquid by the reciprocating motion of a plunger (a rod-shaped part) to feed the liquid

Consistent High Quality with a Unique Technology

This product utilizes the various technologies and expertise the company has acquired in the sure, high-precision pumps and related components to achieve high precision and stable long-term operation.

The plunger is mirror-finished to an external diameter of ±1μm based on the polishing technology established in the development of supercritical fluid equipment*and the know-how gained in the development of high-pressure pumps has also been introduced into the sealing material. For other parts, we achieve micro-level finishes through in-house polishing and other processes. In addition, a special jig is used to tighten the pump head to ensure uniform quality.

These results achieved a coefficient of variation of 0.1235%, which is close to zero, in the coefficient of variation of the CV value representing the flow rate. Stable quality and high reproducibility with no variation in individual production differences were achieved. The plunger surface has been coated with a unique coating technology to greatly improve its durability. Long-term continuous operation in medical equipment can be achieved with 1 million strokes guaranteed.
*This is a device for analyzing substances at temperatures or pressures above the critical point.

Diverse Lineup and Ease of Maintenance

One of the company's strengths is its wide range of products. Three motor sizes are available: 20 mm square, 28 mm square, and 42 mm square, and three motor types can be selected from to match the control system of the unit to which the pump is to be installed: two-phase unipolar, two-phase bipolar, or five-phase motor. In addition, since fluid analyzers use a variety of media, the system is equipped with a cleaning function to make it easier to maintain.

Our first target was the European market, where our reputation spread by word of mouth, followed by demand in the United States and China. The company has already sold tens of thousands of units overseas, but has yet to receive any returns. In the future, the company plans to expand its sales channels in Japan, where it is expected to play an active role in a broader range of fields, such as actuators and special reagent dispensing, in addition to automotive parts, medical equipment, and various existing analyzers. This product, which has already earned its reputation and trust on the global stage, is likely to be a low-risk, value-added item for many companies.

Coverage date July 10, 2020


Company overview


Established in 2003 by the current president, who had previously developed supercritical fluid equipment at a major manufacturer of precision and analytical instruments. The company develops and manufactures a wide variety of pumps, including high-performance microfluidic pumps and embedded micro pumps, as well as precision fluid control devices such as filters for microfiltration. The company also focuses on employee training, technology succession, and building relationships with suppliers, and was awarded the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Management Innovation Award for Excellence in Fiscal 2017 for the development and sale of small, high-performance plunger pumps.

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