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Wearable biometer predicting thermoplegia from sweating amount and pulse.

Learnning Points

  • Challenging mind to supplement lacking part of know-how with the joint development, realization of IoT conversion.
  • Brush-up without compromise from the user's perspectives.

The wristband type wearable biometer is equipped with a perspiration sensor and a pulse sensor developed by the company, and it is possible for you to continuously detect the sign of thermoplegia (heat stroke) by electrically measuring the amount of on the surface of the body (local) sweating of the forearm. The measurement information is displayed on the liquid crystal part of the wristband, and when it detects signs of thermoplegia (heat stroke), it alerts you with the built-in vibrator by itself. Furthermore, by using wireless communication technology, measurement information is also transmitted to the supervisor of the worker and to the smart phone / tablet of the manager at the construction site or the like, it is possible prompting not only the individual worker but also the administrator to respond promptly. It is an epoch-making product that can reduce the risk of developing thermoplegia(heat stroke).

What motivated the development of wearable biometer is the user feedback concerning "perspiration checker" which is to use a patch pasted on forearm part and has been in the market since 2010.The occasion of receiving an inquiry from a power company who is a user of the product. "It is a very good product. Can you display fine figures with not using a patch but using a digital?" This made us begin the development. To digitize patch products means to convert things into Internet (IoT). The company, which had no know-how on the development of electronic equipment, is proceeding it with commercialization by consulting domestic major electric manufacturers for joint development.

In the prototype at 2016, the wristband part and the sensor were separated, but as a result of pursuing the convenience of the user, it is installed on the back side of the wristband part in the latest model. Blush of the user's perspective which does not allow compromise is being repeated. At the moment development has come to the final stage and we plan to complete next spring. The main target of the product is expected to be used by electric power companies, workers working under the environments tending to be hot, such as construction sites and factories.

  • "Wearable biometers" that can detect signs of thermoplegia/heat stroke will definitely contribute greatly to reducing the risk of onset workers' occurrence of it. At present, the company targets workers engaged at high temperatures, but it can also be used for the elderly and children with high risk of developing thermoplegia/heat stroke in daily life. Self-care products due to the non-invasive coloring reaction of skin secretions, which is the company’s expertise, can measure various kinds of biological information by the place and time of the skin to be measured, perspiration and oil content. Joint development with companies that the company actively conducts and Academic-Industrial Collaboration etc. will increase the expectation for developing new self-check products.

company information

We develop alcohol predisposition testing patches that allow easy measurement of alcohol predisposition (genetic type) based on skin reactions. We also develop equipment that allows self-check measurement of health condition based on changes in color and electric measurement of skin secretions (thermal sweating, emotional sweating, TEWL, sebum, etc.).

company information

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