Visualizing the Dispersion Process of Fine and Other Particles by UltrasoundMitsuiElectric Co.,Ltd


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Three types with different capacities for different applications, such as research and production, are available

Product Name = Ultrasonic Homogenizers “UX Series”

Achieved Process Visualization, Which Has Been an Issue

An ultrasonic homogenizer is a dispersing machine that disperses and pulverizes agglomerates such as fine particles and other agglomerates in a liquid by the force of ultrasonic waves and is mainly used at the final stage of the dispersion process in production and research. One of the features of this homogenizer is that it has less contamination risk than mechanical homogenizers, which means that there is less risk of contamination with foreign substances. However, the reproducibility of conventional ultrasonic homogenizers is not good because the conditions under which the homogenizers can be used are not clear.

The solution to this problem is the "UX Series" ultrasonic homogenizers from Mitsui Electric Co., Ltd. The series visualizes a variety of data such as frequency, output, amplitude, and power supply voltage during operation in real-time. Since the process can be completely replicated, quality can be stabilized at the production site, and experiments under the same conditions can be conducted at research institutions.

Original FGM' s* Chip that Reduces Contamination Risk

The strength of the series is not only in the visualization of processes. The power of an ultrasonic homogenizer is affected more by the amplitude than by the power output, but the company has developed a structure inside the transducer that allows a large amplitude to be maintained even at low power. The company has achieved a higher dispersion efficiency than other products.

The patented FGM's tip is made of abrasion-resistant ceramic material to minimize contamination due to tip wear, which is the fate of dispersing machines. This has opened the door to medical and pharmaceutical products that were previously difficult to access.

Three types of products are available in small, medium, and large capacities to meet the needs of different applications, including research and production. All of these systems are easy to use, with sample processing, as well as tuning and optimization of the ultrasonic dispersion process being possible at the touch of a button.
*Abbreviation for Functionally Graded Materials. In Japanese, "functionally graded materials" is a general term for materials that are composed in order to achieve contradictory properties between materials

Highly Regarded for its Effectiveness, More Than 3,000 Units Have Already Been Sold

The series has been increasingly used for dispersing, emulsifying, and cleaning a wide variety of materials in a diverse range of industries, including nanocarbon and ceramic production lines, which have been in the spotlight in recent years. Over 3,000 units have been sold to date. The customers who have installed the system say that the number of defects has been greatly reduced, quality has been stabilized, and it has become an indispensable process before coating. In the future, the company intends to focus on expanding into emerging markets, particularly in Asia.

The company interviews the user about the purpose of the installation and the purpose of use in detail, and then lends a demo unit, and once the user is satisfied with the feel of the unit, it is time for full-scale installation. We recommend taking advantage of a demo unit to explore the possibilities of creating new value for your company.

Coverage date August 3, 2020


Company overview

Mitsui Electric Co., Ltd

Established in 1967. After manufacturing and selling small voltage regulators using thyristors, DC motors for centrifugal motors, and marine pumps, in 1973, we began manufacturing high-speed agitators by applying high-frequency motors to high-speed electric motors and automatic control equipment. Eventually, the technology for making particles developed, and the need for a new agitator and disperser arose, which led to the development of an ultrasonic homogenizer.

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