With consistent production line, flexibility creates "optical film curved-surface-portion vacuum lamination processing".Meisei Electric Co.,Ltd


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The optical film curved-surface-portion vacuum lamination processing adopted for in-vehicle touch panel.

Learnning Points

  • Flexibility to respond to the times with a consistent production system.
  • Enterprise attitude to challenge impossibly.

"Optical film curved-surface-portion vacuum lamination processing (hereinafter referred to as vacuum lamination)" provided by MEISEI ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. is an advanced technology mainly adopted for in-vehicle touch panels such as car navigation systems and instrument panels.  With conventional planar technology using rollers, it was not able to paste a touch panel on the structure with having a carved surface such as a display for a car, but the vacuum lamination of the company solved this problem. This has made it possible the laminate processing to various curved surfaces.

The company produces all manufacturing and processing equipment and Jigs in-house. Since the system which carries out from prototype to mass production consistently is also in place, the company make it possible to provide the technology ,which is not available in other companies, with order-made.This is why they can flexibly respond to providing high quality even it is highly designed.

For the first time vacuum lamination was adopted domestically produced mini vehicles released in 2011. Technical development of direct bonding (*) which currently expanding in the automobile industry is in progress. We are focusing on developing in-vehicle touch panels with less reflection on external light and high visibility.

* Technology to eliminate the gap between the glass surface mounting the touch sensor and the liquid crystal

  • The company's consistent production system will be able to respond flexibly to new designs of the next era. Direct bonding technology spreads not only in the automotive field but also in all products using liquid crystals. If we can combine the demands demanded in other fields with the quality power and ideas cultivated in the automotive field, a unique product can be produced.

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Precision tape film processing from various insulated resin materials including reinforced board for FPCs. We handle integrated production from prototyping and mass production of vacuum bonding of optical touch panels and other bonded products.

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