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Allowing anyone to easily create 3D data with a free app

Product name = Monocle 3D Scanner

Easy scanning by combining iPad or iPhone with commercially available sensors

VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality) which allows you to experience the virtual world superimposed on the real world, are not limited to the entertainment sector, but are also widely used in business to display images of product usage, for various presentations, and for task simulations in the workplace.

Many special contents are provided, there is a full playback environment, and 3D printers are becoming more widespread due to lower prices, whereas the barrier to creating 3D models by yourself is high. To solve this problem, the Monocle 3D Scanner makes it easy for anyone to create 3D models using an iPad or iPhone and commercially available low-cost 3D sensors.

The product is available as a free app from the App Store. Connect the 3D sensor "Structure Sensor" to your iPad or iPhone and download the product for immediate use without any complicated settings. Perform high-speed scanning and high-speed data processing of the object at hand with the touch of a button, producing high-quality 3D models and 3D spaces on an iPad or iPhone as easily as taking a picture

Achieve high usability with globally recognized technology

The data that was created is saved as an OBJ file, which can be read by the 3DCG creation software "Blender" or game development platform "Unity" using a PC, and can also be shared and displayed on the spot using an iPad or iPhone.

The Pro version available for upgrade as an in-app purchase allows detailed settings for mesh resolution and texture, and uses lossless PNG textures. GLTF files and GLB files are suitable for display with WebGL*1, and can be exported to 3D printable STL files.

Aaron Hilton heads developer and distributor Steampunk Digital, and was also involved in the development of the "BRIDGE Engine" built into Occipital's VR/MR head-mounted display. The company has made the most of its world-class real-time 3D data processing technology, which was highly praised in global "TED Conference*2" lectures, making it possible to easily provide professional-level 3D data creation with particular concern for the interface and value provided. At present, Steampunk Digital is also developing applications that can produce the behavior and facial expressions of 3D models.
*1 Standard specifications for displaying 3DCG on a web browser.
*2 A large global lecture presentation held annually in Canada (Vancouver) by TED, a corporation headquartered in New York City, USA

The wide range of potential uses makes for diverse places to adopt it

The Monocle 3D Scanner easily converts the objects and spaces at hand into 3D data anywhere without carrying heavy equipment. Using the product lets you increasingly import real people and items into VR space just like copying and pasting. Also, if you use 3D data for the work you are currently doing with photos and images, you can make your work more efficient, more effective, more accurate, and more intuitive. It is already being used in various situations such as communication, display, fitting, space check, games, and entertainment.

In terms of business, it has promising applications for various presentations, design reviews during development in the manufacturing and construction industries, simulation of office layouts, as well as VR education in medicine and HR development. It is also possible to show your products in 3D on the web, or to run simulations at exhibitions, with visitors turned into a 3D avatar. In fact, it has been widely adopted, including by 3DCG production companies, as well as event planning companies, construction companies, furniture manufacturers, and in medicine and healthcare.

The Monocle 3D Scanner has been developed such that it can be linked to a cloud server, and Steampunk Digital plans to provide more convenient services by developing a dedicated server. The company hopes to strengthen cooperation with various research institutions and other companies.

Coverage date March 2, 2020


Company overview

Steampunk Digital Co.,Ltd

A software development company based in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Focusing on the development of 3D scanning software, Steampunk Digital provides solutions for a variety of VR/XR system development and content production support. The company actively engages in outreach activities aimed at VR/XR development, including lectures on VR/XR at domestic and overseas conferences, various seminars, and the creation of tutorial videos.

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