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Leg Curl Rehabilitation Equipment" which can quantify muscle strength Proposing the optimal training menu with collected data

Learnning Points

  • Innovative ideas to apply digitization of muscle strength to rehabilitation
  • Product development ability not compromising design and ride

Kinugawa Factory Co., Ltd., which is engaged in designing and developing medical equipment, etc. We have taken advantage of the expertise accumulated in the electronics industry for many years and started trial manufacture and development of medical devices in 2003. Currently, rehabilitation training equipment We are developing the "Leg Curl Rehabilitation Equipment."

Based on industrial technology accumulated so far, servo motor that plays a role in controlling force and position, is used for "Leg Curl Rehabilitation Equipment." It is possible to check the recovery status of the muscular strength of the patient after surgery numerically. Because it can convert information into data, it has the advantage of being able to propose an efficient training method by reviewing the data. Also, since data such as the reclining of each patient and the position of the sitting height are stored, it is also possible to restart at the optimum position with the previous setting when using next.

Various information of patients receiving rehabilitation is converted to data. A more efficient training method can be proposed.

The trigger for development was due to the desire to improve the conditions of the worksite where the adjustment of the weight and the height of the chair were done by an analog method. The efforts started from 2016, and the idea of the measurement part was responsible by Kinugawa Factory Co., Ltd., and we proceeded development in the form of entrusting the actual development part to companies that are engaged in manufacturing training machines. However, since there was no case of digitizing data at the time of rehabilitation in the past, and it is difficult to share the image with physical therapists on site, and it reflected the thoughts of the side by repeatedly discussing decisions on how much functions are added and built in.

Even regarding design, we are aware of designs that patients want to use, and also test ride comfort. We pursued making uncompromising products such as referring to a commercially available massage chair. Even now, trial and error is repeated, and at the stage of testing at the hospital, while reflecting the opinion of the user, it is first sold as a training machine in 2018. After that, we will make specifications that can be customized according to the rehabilitation situation and aim for sales as medical equipment.

Since we do not have a sales route to the whole country, in the future, we will set up ties with companies that are engaged in the sale of nursing care equipment, etc. and start to develop nationwide. Also, taking advantage of the merits of collecting numerical data, business models offering "information" for efficient training are also taken into consideration.

  • The digitization of rehabilitation data is not limited to the merit of contributing to the creation of an optimal training menu. For example, from the viewpoint of the patient side, the fact that the degree of recovery of muscular strength can be visualized may lead to motivation of training. Since it is necessary to create many examples of introductions for collecting highly accurate data, how to increase awareness is likely to be significant.

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We have been in this business for 15 years by using our precision microfabrication technology relating to the semiconductor, electronics devices. We mainly manufacture micro forceps which is used for circulatory system, artificial bone of knees and hip joints which is used by orthopedics, sugical instruments like mounting implant.

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