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Security and safety till returning to soil. "Kun Tan Board" born from the philosophy of zero-emissions is from the unsung hero to the leading role of dwelling.koubounaruse Co.,Ltd


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A resource recycling type product "Kun Tan Board" with high moisture absorption and release, product of KOUBOU NARUSE.

Learnning Points

  • Focusing on the points of view to utilize "old-fashioned" things better.
  • Efforts not to make environmental problems into future generations.
  • Development of applied products to meet customers' requests.

Rice is a representative agricultural product in Japan. Rice harvesting is welcomed for Japanese people of which is a staple food; on the other hand, the rice hulls of rice plant that is ejected at the time of rice milling amounts to 2 million tons per year in Japan. There is no effective treatment method for rice hulls of rice, plant, and under the current circumstances of rice processing is hard to handle them.

Kun Tan a type of charcoal, smoked rice hulls of rice plant, and the own history is old, and it was already used be made in the Edo period. There are countless microscopic holes in the Kun charcoal, and the number of attached microorganisms is orders of magnitude higher than other charcoal so that moisture absorption and releasing are high, this effective for deodorant and insulation and lasts almost semi-permanently.

Resource recycling type which does not make environmental problems into future.
Focusing on this high moisture absorbing and releasing property and deodorizing / insulation effect from the early stage, it is KOUBOU NARUSE that adopted in the construction as insulation material. Originally we used the Kun Tan as it is, but there was a problem with the building material gets dirty with powder at the site under construction, but by successfully solidifying the turtle charcoal (board)as a result of successful solidification of the Kun charcoal (boarding), housing. It became the main product of the company as an easy-to-take form as a heat insulating material of the company. "Kun Tan Board" has no influence on human health such as formaldehyde in the living environment as no harmful chemical substances are used in the manufacturing process.

Also, in the event that it becomes a waste material due to demolition of a house in the future, it is necessary to consider the influence on the environmental aspect such as processing cost problem and generation of harmful substances in incineration treatment in other construction waste materials containing chemical substances. In that respect, the Kun chacoal is also used for reuse of agricultural medium as a conventional soil conditioner, and "Kun Tan Board" is a resource recycling eco commodity that can be treated by returning it to soil as well.

Develop proposals from customers in new form.
"Kun Tan Board" started as a heat insulating material for houses. However, in the event that it is introduced to a newly built housing, it is still difficult to use it easily due to the fact that it requires renovation in the case of existing houses, this turns to the cost of introduction. We got hints from customers' proposal that "Will the range of applications be wider than insulation materials?", and we immediately began to develop new products. At present, not only deodorant but also original fittings and furniture such as tatami floor that can easily be reworked, doors easy to replace, ceiling panels and others that launched the insecticidal effect to the whole are developed.

  • The attitude to get hints from the customers' opinions, and the speed of initiating new product development is the points that many companies should learn.
  • Technologies that make use of various characteristics such as deodorant, heat and insect resistance can be applied in the bedding industry seeking a deodorizing effect such as pillow and bed, furniture industry expected for insecticidal effect, and so on.

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We are working on the development, popularization and provision of products and services that contribute in solving problems to realize an energy saving, low-carbon society with less environmental burden. In addition, we are promoting the development of the regional economy by producing product raw materials as a collaborative project with regional farmers and promoting business management with the goal of creating new regional industries in an integrated manner that includes local governments.

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