Developed "Proposal of various function plating" such as plating on complicated shapes and plating on nonmetal materialSINKO INDUSTRIES Co.,Ltd


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It also supports plating on complicated shapes and nonmetal materials. "Proposal of various function plating" possible by manual line

Learnning Points

  • Know-how and technical strength cultivated in the 100-year history
  • Improved keeping eyes on the development of new technologies/materials

Shinko Kogyo Co., Ltd., founded in 1918 and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2018. The company conducts "Proposal of various function plating" according to the needs of each client such as manufacturing equipment field and automobile field by utilizing the technology of "Plating" that places a metallic coating on the surface of materials that we have cultivated in the past.

Our surface treatment includes a wide range of parts such as partial plating on lead frames used for semiconductor devices and plating on fine products. Kazuaki Arai, Managing Director of the company, said that "Because the factory line is a manual line, it is important to make plating on complicated shapes that other companies can avoid, plating on nonmetallic materials such as glass and ceramics, plating that cannot be confirmed by the shape can be done." The coating of plating has many kinds of nickel, gold, silver, copper, and palladium, and it is a characteristic that plating considering merit can be proposed such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance, conductivity, solder wettability, wear resistance, reflectivity and water repellency. Also, it is also possible to give two functions to one product, such as applying different plating’s to the parts that require light reflection and pieces that need absorption.

However, since plating is the most "downstream" process in the production process, there is also a difficulty that the complaints from clients are relatively easy to concentrate compared to other processes. Given this trend, we introduced analysis facilities several years ago so that it can cope with troubles such as thin effects despite plating. Equipment such as an electron microscope and CCD cameras are prepared, and environment can be found by observing the surface and cross-section of the material after the plating treatment. Mr. Arai thinks, "This part is what we are particularly excited about" in the industry about these follow-up structures, and we are devising a strategy to differentiate and respond to the detailed response that is difficult elsewhere.

Currently, we provide services to clients such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturers, automobile parts manufacturers, and optical manufacturers. We will continue to strive to widely appeal services through exhibitions and other efforts and accumulate technologies by repeating trials and errors so that we can respond flexibly to highly diversified and challenging subjects. Furthermore, we are also motivated to develop and research new materials that can be applied to the business, and we plan to continue research in the chemical field.

  • We celebrated our 100th anniversary in 2018, and have a long history. However, we are ambitious also to develop "Aggressively" trying to obtain new things without depending on the cultivated technology alone. Mr. Arai also said strongly that he would "Actively try various developments aggressively" in the future. We would like to pay attention to our efforts as to what kind of evolution will be made in the future of plating technology that is entering a wide range of life into electronic equipment and stationery.

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Founded in 1918 (Taisho year of 7 ), we constantly evolve old technologies and provide new plating technology which is necessary current era per customers' demands.

company information

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