The gears rotate without any contact using the force of magnets. New technology to be proud of globally ~ Toothless Gear [Magtran] ~FEC CORPORATION


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Non-contact drive transmission using magnets

Points to be noted

  • Developed a new product from existing core business (manufacturing of vacuum cleaners)
  • Product contributes to higher efficiency and cost reduction of production lines at companies where it is installed
  • Environmentally friendly product that generates less dust and does not deteriorate easily

FEC corporation was established in 1989 at Sayama city, Saitama prefecture as a manufacturer of vacuum cleaners. They developed the toothless gear [Magtran] in 1989 to improve the cleaning function of vacuum cleaners.

"Magtran" was named from the words "Magnetic" and "Transmission", and as the name suggests, it is driven by a non-contact method using the attracting force of magnets. Since magnetic poles of the magnets of one gear are arranged in N-S-N-S sequence, magnetic poles of the gears attract each other, and the gears move smoothly. "Magtran" is different from conventional gears with features such as, "Less dust generation due to wear" between gears, "Ultra-low noise has been realized" due to decrease in transmission noise of gears and belts, "Simplified maintenance" as grease replenishment and belt replacement are not required, and "Cost reduction" as deterioration due to wear is avoided. Gear can be used for a longer period as wear is avoided, and this makes the gear environmentally friendly from the perspective of saving resources.

The company took approximately 2 years to develop the product and it gained attention when they won the "Minister of International Trade and Industry Prize" in 2000. After the gear was introduced on television through the program "World Business Satellite" of TV Tokyo, Tokyo Electron Limited decided to install these gears in their semiconductor production line. Following this, the company received orders from semiconductor and electrical equipment manufacturers from Japan and overseas. At present, the gear has been installed in the production lines of various industries ranging from manufacturers of medical equipment to food manufacturing plants such as bread and buckwheat noodles.

Magtran has been introduced in robot-related business for use in the joints of robots, especially because of advantages such as reduced dust generation, ultra-low noise, and greasing is not required. There are various industries where the gear has been installed, and its usage is not limited to just production lines. "Magtran" still has infinite possibilities.

Used in production lines of various industries

The attractive force of magnets is a natural law that even children are familiar with. The company that has developed the world’s first system of toothless gears by applying the force of magnets that is known by everyone to existing gears is worthy of admiration. The product was developed to improve the cleaning function of vacuum cleaners, it all started from the pure intentions of the company employees during development who tried to find solutions for eliminating dust and manufacturing components that do not wear out. This shows the dedication and sincerity of the workers in manufacturing the company products.

[Magtran] is a revolutionary product, although the company applied for patent and registered the trademark at the time of development, it is not registered as a trademark at present. The main reason for not registering is that companies in countries such as China may copy the information disclosed during registration.

Though "Magtran" attracts high attention at exhibitions, the production line must be redesigned to actually introduce this gear. Therefore, although "Magtran" cannot be used as a replacement for existing gears, it is an extremely effective technology to install when setting up new production lines. For businesses that install, "Magtran" will surely become an important gear that is indispensable to drive the future.

Interview Date: August 6, 2018


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We offer truly required products for our society with clean technology based on non-contact drive transmission to be a reliable company both for society and customers.

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