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Copper heat sink with high heat dissipation efficiency is custom made starting at a single piece

Product name = "Copper heat sink"

The result of metalworking technology and expertise

Heat sinks (radiator plates) used for the heat radiation of electronic devices require high efficiency. Sato Work's custom-made copper heat sink combines "high heat dissipation" and "lightness" by processing a highly heat-dissipating copper plate using proprietary technology.

Aluminum is generally used as the material for heat sinks. Copper has high heat dissipation, but its specific gravity had become a bottleneck. Utilizing expertise developed over 60 years of metalworking as well as ultra-thin plate precision bonding technology, the company manufactures high-cooled copper heat sinks with 0.3 mm ultra-thin plates arranged at high density and at equal intervals. The company provides the product in the shape and size the user needs, from even a single piece. All processing is done in-house, it can be air-cooled or water-cooled, and bonded with dissimilar metals and ceramics. The company makes optimal design proposals according to what is being cooled.

The more challenging the better. Solve challenges with ultra-precision technology

Characterized by both lightness and high heat dissipation, the product is the result of the company's motto to boldly take on technically challenging projects. For example, there are many hurdles that need to be cleared, such as when thin plates are joined, they are prone to warp due to heat, and in the case of water cooling, water is prone to leak due to deformation or melting. Further, in order to increase the cooling efficiency, it is necessary to arrange as many fins as possible at equal intervals to increase the surface area, but this requires a very advanced technique. Overcoming these problems one by one through trial and error led to a copper heat sink that boasts about twice the heat dissipation efficiency of aluminum and is resistant to rust even if water cooled.

The product is made to order, and even orders for a single piece are accepted. Upon receiving an inquiry, the company's contact person conducts an interview with the client, proposes a design, and completes the formal drawing before starting production. If the drawing is already completed by the client, the company then undertakes everything from procuring the required materials to processing. The delivery time varies depending on conditions such as the shape, but it should be roughly 3 to 4 weeks after the order is made.

Custom-made shapes and performance not available in existing products

The product is used in a variety of business sectors to cool electronic devices and machinery that generate heat. Since Sato Works can provide a custom-made product with advanced cooling performance, it has been adopted at many research institutions, and could excel in wide-ranging applications such as the cooling of 5G communication equipment, heat dissipation for various robots, heat dissipation for laser equipment, cooling of Peltier elements, and cooling of power semiconductors. Its use is also likely in products with complicated shapes, small products, cases where the heat dissipation of aluminum heat sinks is not sufficient, and cases where standard products are not suitable.

The company aims to lead Japan in the precision joining of copper, brass, cemented carbide, and tungsten, and is moving ahead with the processing of higher value-added products. With the introduction of a vacuum furnace, Sato Works is also working on the brazing of various types and small lots of ceramics, titanium, and diamond that cannot be joined in the atmosphere. The company is also keen on the research and development for joining dissimilar materials, such as joining ceramics and metals, and plans to continue expanding operations to new industries and products.

A semiconductor element that uses the "Peltier effect," in which when dissimilar metals are joined in series and an electric current is applied, there is heating or cooling at the junction.

Coverage date July 24,2019


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From a factory in Meguro City, Tokyo, we provide "craftsman skills" mainly for brazing and welding. Above all, it has a reputation for advanced silver brazing technology that meets a variety of demands, including products with high processing difficulty, micro parts, and high quality products. Its strength lies in the ability to fulfill batch orders for material procurement, parts processing, brazing/welding, air tightness testing, plating, and painting. The company is focusing on recruiting new graduates and training technicians to pass down skills and promote its growth as a creative manufacturing company prepared for the next era.

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