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Deepen the quality and full of business
In the new value creation exhibition, you can find the encounter at a pinpoint.ECOSYSTEM Inc.



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The pinpoint encounter with exhibitors/visitors to the new value creation exhibition brings broadening and deepening business.

Due to demolition and rebuilding of buildings, roughly 1 million tons of roof tiles are annually dismantled in Japan. Used roof tile has been treated as disposal because their shape is poor landfill efficiency. K Grand System developed by Ecosystem Co., Ltd. is aiming for the future to create a recycling-oriented society by giving a new role of recycling waste tiles treated as "Disposal" as landscape paving materials.

As we continue to exhibit at the new value creation exhibition, we realize the evolution of the business that we develop. I talked to Senior Managing Director Mr. Takada about the way it evolved.

Expanding sideways, deepening to the vertical
A sense that business evolves in an unusual way

What changes have you felt in the business as a result of exhibiting at the new value creation exhibition?
It was our third year in a row for exhibiting at the New Value Creation Exhibition 2017. Every time we displayed, we feel a lot of response from those who visited both domestic and overseas, and we think that the project has evolved interestingly.
First of all, in the horizontal plane, we were able to expand the area of work. By being able to make a connection with a major trading company, in addition to developing domestic deployment of our products, we are preparing to expand to foreign countries. Also, as we got acquainted with companies that were also exhibiting in the new value creation exhibition on the vertical side, we can lead to the development of new machinery that can be used in our business, we can deepen the quality of products and services.

Is it right as a place to negotiate as well as a place for matching?
As there are many target customers who have kept points and exhibitors that can be connected to the business, I think there is plainness compared to other exhibitions, but the possibility of meeting with good customers at pinpoint must be high. I believe this is the unique charm of a new value creation exhibition.

I will ask about the evolution of business. How was the quality of the market deepened?
With collaboration with companies that we met in a new value creation exhibition, we were able to develop a vehicle-mounted tile paving material manufacturing plant. We provide the know-how to recycle tile to franchise partner companies nationwide, but having a plant was a complicated issue regarding the investment amount. Although there was a problem that it was complicated to make using the small paving material manufacturing machine at the work site, by using the in-vehicle type tile paving material manufacturing plant born by the encounter at the exhibition, I believe that we can gradually bring growth to the growth period, and we are very much looking forward to the future development.

What about the other overseas deployment plan?
We can get acquainted with a major trading company, there are no movements of goods and money yet, but the statement that the information and the person who is in the preliminary stage are in motion. Specifically, I am going to overseas locations and conducting market research or communicating with business partners abroad and submitting quotes and samples. We are also able to progress smoothly overseas deployment plans.

How was your appeal to the New Value Creation Exhibition? (Please tell me the tricks and points)
I think that there are three points. First of all, attract attention with moving things (exhibits). And, as a second thing I talked to those who could see the displays, I think that it is to be caught as individuals.
Of course, I think that most people are visiting as a job, but I believe that it is easy to grasp my mind if I believe that it is related to myself in private life. As a third, I explain our products and services at the end. I think that it is possible to create a pleasant encounter by providing three steps.

How do you want to develop in the future?
We are considering new markets and new business development centred on companies and trading companies that we met at the new value creation exhibition. Currently, we focus on the recycling of tiles, but the newly developed automotive tile paving material manufacturing plant is initially a machine for maintenance of concrete. We would like to enter new genre of projects such as maintenance of concrete where aging is progressing in the future.

Mr. Takada talks that the exhibition at the new value creation exhibition gave rise to the opportunity and encounters with different industries that it was challenging to meet until then could lead to the evolution of our business. We felt confidence that we will grow business as many visitors as we meet and encounter with exhibitors from the situation that we talk frankly from time to time towards our goal.

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Our company crushes waste tiles and reuses the crushed material as an aggregate of pavement material. We manufacture K-Grand, an ultra-cool pavement material. Waste tiles are generated nationwide. Waste tiles lack potential usage, which makes them difficult to recycle. They are normally placed in landfills. Our company has a system for using waste tiles as a next-generation paving material through local production for local consumption.

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