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"Micro precision manufacturing technology of three-dimensional structural parts" realizing low cost, high precision and high productivity by using stainless steel

Learnning Points

  • Realized technology that was impossible in the past, with various advisors
  • Positive consideration for inquiries in unexpected areas as opportunities to lead to acquiring new customers) November 2004

In the modern era of IoT (the Internet of Things), many of the materials used for sensors of IoT equipment are made of silicon. But silicon is about ten times as expensive as stainless steel, and in a sense, it was a high-grade material. This was concerned as a potential bottleneck in the spread of IoT equipment.
If we can manufacture parts made of stainless steel rather than silicon, we can lower unit price and accelerate widespread use. For these reasons, Komatsu Seiki Co., Ltd. established "Micro precision manufacturing technology of three-dimensional structural parts".

Receiving adoption of the saponine project and developing over 3 years
The same technology that stainless steel can be firmly pressed at a low temperature in a short time and in large quantities. This technology was adopted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Supporting Strategic Basic Technology Advancement Project (Saponine Project)" from research and development leading to technological improvement such as precision processing, stereolithography, surface treatment. Development began mainly in the company over the three years from 2013.
Tomomi Shiratori of the company's research and development department completed the technology by being able to welcome research institutes such as universities and rolling manufacturers familiar with metal processing to the advisor through the saponine business.
In the conventional technology of processing stainless steel, there were problems such as "distortion occurs in steel due to high temperature", "strength is unstable", "productivity is low". However, by using this technology, it became possible to deal with "metal micro pump (sensor device parts)" excellent in shortening of processing time by low temperature, improvement of stability of processing precision, and accuracy guarantee. "

Establishment of technology results in unexpected results
Unexpected developments have occurred for the company that aims to commercialize micro metal pumps that are useful to the world using this technology. It was a request from automobile parts companies and significant electric equipment manufacturers to receive an invitation to "evaluate device parts using this technology".
The unexpected inquiry of evaluation rather than manufacturing, you can see the high degree of attention to the high accuracy of the technology. Not only the original purpose of improving the manufacturing technology to use it for manufacturing an inexpensive and large quantity of device parts but also the acquisition of new customers by new use application "product evaluation" is also linked.

  • The material problem which was also the bottleneck of the popularization of IoT devices is to use the same technology as a solution, and it is also possible to provide it at a lower cost. IoT device development will be of great interest to the automotive industry, the medical industry, the security industry, the home electronics industry, etc. where the emphasis is placed on the future.

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We are developing processing technologies which will open the next generation based on the mass production processing technology of micro parts which was cultivated by the production of watch parts and fuel injection parts.

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