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Drawing out the needs of patients with problems at the respiratory system
The fight against compressor miniaturizationIZUMI GIKEN Co.,Ltd


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"Oil-less compressor to be installed in medical oxygen concentrator, etc." which gained durability capable of withstanding 16,000 hours of operation with half the weight and size of the conventional ones.


  • Considering the convenience of users, miniaturization is natural
  • To spend a lot of time to acquire durability for a long time
  • Higher challenges are set, and LED lights that aim at the achievement of the goal enables practical level dimming

Challenge for miniaturization. All for users

In the Japanese society in which the aging of the population advances at an unprecedented speed in the world, home health care is promoted under the initiative of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

"Chronic respiratory insufficiency increases with age, and in recent years the number of people who need oxygen concentrators has increased"

Toshi Wako said so who is CEO of IZUMI Giken Co., Ltd. which is providing a compressor that plays an essential role in the oxygen concentrator (a device that compresses and delivers gas under pressure).

In the conventional size of an oxygen concentrator, its size became a fool restriction, and there was difficulty in carrying it even if it moved inside the house.

In the development period of 10 years, most of it is spent to acquire durability

The Compressor newly developed by us has made the conventional product 8 kg heavier than half that 4 kg compact. Furthermore, because it is always used at all times, we succeeded in reducing power consumption by about 2 to 30% of conventional products.

In the development period, it was the motor department that spent most of it. In the conventional technology, AC motor was adopted but changed to DC motor. This change made it possible to achieve high efficiency and miniaturization.

However, despite realization of the high efficiency of the motor, there was a significant problem to be solved, "Durability" to use the equipment for a long time, waiting for us.

We had been good at developing motors for producing functional parts related to freezing and air conditioning so far, but even with the technology and know-how gained there, the development of the compressor has spanned ten years. It was said that it was difficult to realize most of the development period to spend to win the durability of the motor.

The motivation for higher improvement.

Although it is our oxygen concentrator compressor, which succeeded in high durability and compactness of 16,000 hours by tenacious development, Mr. Wako is not satisfied yet. It is said that it is in the midst of developing development to realize durability of 30,000 hours close to the current 1.9 times.

By acquiring durability for a longer time, it is possible to comprehensively reduce the cost, such as the maintenance of the equipment and the number of times of overhauling can be reduced. Even though development is not yet finished, we are confident of its durability because we have a prospect of it.

We have continued to challenge the performance improvement and miniaturization of a compressor, which helps many people with respiratory insufficiency. By pursuing miniaturization and excellent portability, troubles at installation sites are reduced; so further utilization expansion is expected. Moreover, there is a possibility to contribute such as utilization to increase dissolved oxygen in water at a site where it is difficult to secure a new place such as aquaculture fishery production site by using regardless of installation location.

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Oilless compressor, which is mounted on a medical oxygen concentrator, has realized its low power consumption and long life with the industry's first DC inverter controlling method. Also, as far as the production of air conditioner/ refrigeration equipment is concerned, majority of tank and valve types of the products are custom made with our design, which convenience is appreciated by our customers.

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