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Urethane is injected into the wall to achieve high cooling performance thanks to a smartly devised folding structure

Product name = Folding cold storage container "Cool One"

Folding cold storage container reduces the amount of dry ice by half

WACON's folding cold storage container "Cool One" has higher cooling performance than conventional products. This product ensures that the amount of dry ice required to keep the temperature at minus 10°C for at least 10 hours in an environment with an outside temperature of 35°C is 0.7 kg. This leads to a 1.3 kg reduction compared to the 2.0 kg required for conventional products, helping to significantly reduce distribution costs. The container itself weighs 4 kg and has a capacity of 37 liters, and is made of plastic and fully washable, making it suitable for transporting food and medicine with hygiene needs. The container itself is quickly and easily folded and can be stored in a stack.

Due to aging equipment and a shortage of dry ice supply due to difficulties in procuring raw materials in recent years, this will have a significant impact on food distributors which transport many refrigerated and frozen foods.

Cooling performance improved thanks to urethane inside the walls and airtight structure

High cooling performance is achieved by urethane injected into the wall and a structure with improved airtightness. In order to enhance cold storage performance, the wall thickness must be at least a certain value. However, an ordinary folding container has the problem of the bending hinge part becoming thinner, so cool air escapes from there. The product solves this problem by improving the shape of the parts and the design of the folding mechanism. Making the thickness of the wall including the hinge part as uniform as possible has enabled a folding container that does not let cold air escape.

Get first hand experience of its effectiveness through replications and sample products before full-scale adoption

Users are interviewed with regards to its adoption on individual needs such as freezing, refrigeration, and transportation time, and a combination of the product and refrigeration materials to meet those needs is presented. In addition, replications in the company's environmental test room and trial use in actual transportation situations with sample products loans lead to full-scale adoption if there are no problems. It is highly regarded by several food wholesalers and the food service industry, which have already taken steps toward its adoption, in terms of cooling performance and ease of use.

According to Wacon, currently widely used silver cold storage boxes have not changed in shape and structure for more than 30 years. Various tools are being optimized to meet diversifying needs in these times. We need to pay attention to Wacon's trend of developing new products that contribute to the cold storage transportation market for companies with cold storage related services.

Coverage date January 30, 2020


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Established in Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture in 1972. Operates in three business sectors: the BASE (cardboard) business, the COOL (cooler box) business, and the PackPro (export packing service) business. The COOL business offers original products such as "Cool One" that achieve "clean and sanitary logistics equipment" and a "constant temperature transport system at the optimal temperature for cargo."

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