“Fast and highly accurate measuring device for chamfer dimensions of precision machined parts” that can be used for instantaneous measurements by anyone. A niche product with patent registered!Marunouchi Machinery Co.,Ltd


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Fast and highly accurate measuring device for chamfer dimensions of precision machined parts

Points to be noted

  • Identify customer needs and link to the development of products that are not available in the market
  • To emerge from being a subcontracting company and grow into a self-sustaining company by developing standard products

Marunouchi Machinery Limited Company that was founded in 1991 saw a significant reduction in orders from major machine manufacturers due to fluctuations in the economy such as the Lehman shock. We then started to develop standard products to shift our priority from the development and production of custom-made products that the company was working on since its establishment. Our goal is to become a completely independent company.

No. 1 standard product of the company is the “Measuring device for chamfer dimensions”. In 2013, our company received a subsidy under the “Manufacturing, commercial, and service innovation project”, and we worked on development in addition to our daily business. Utilizing the technological capability cultivated to handle glass substrate, knowledge of laser optics, and an idea that we had conceived, our company successfully developed a dedicated measuring device for chamfer dimensions in the inner and outer surface of cylinders by combining existing actuators, sensors, and jigs etc. with optimal balance. The patent was registered in 2017 (Japanese Patent No. 6192128).

Inner chamfer dimensions are being measured after setting a ball-shaped sample

The characteristics of this measuring device are as follows:
(1) Measures instantaneously using laser without contact with the object to be measured. (2) There is no difference in the measurement results irrespective of the skills of the person operating the device (3) The results are automatically aggregated along with the measurement enabling high-speed measurement. (4) Profile images profile and values of the measured locations can be recorded.

Up to now, measuring devices dedicated to chamfer dimensions were not available, and contact type contracer was used to measure chamfer dimensions, this process takes time for accurate measurement, depends on the skills of the person operating the device due to which measurement results were not constant. The measuring device for chamfer dimensions developed by the company solved these problems. Since fast and high accuracy measurements were possible, users shifted from sampling inspection used in the past to full inspection. This device has enabled high quality and stable manufacturing process to be established. Even unskilled workers can operate the device without any deviations in measurement results, and labor costs can be reduced. Industries facing workforce shortages welcomed the device. This measuring device can be used to measure even at the rough machining stage. Inspecting at the initial stages of the machining process and excluding defective items contributes to labor saving required for subsequent machining and cost reduction.

Although this measuring device became a niche product, the background to this is that measuring chamfer dimensions with high accuracy was not considered important in the past. However, aircraft industries, etc. are now strictly demanding high accuracy measurement of all parts. This trend is expected to further accelerate in the future, and the need for this measuring device will increase. This device needs to be introduced to the energy development sector such as wind and nuclear power.
We have also identified new development challenges. This is related to the various measurements used for “Bolts” in the aerospace industry. Data of many parameters including effective diameter is required for bolts, but many of the parameters are difficult to measure. We have been working on a three-year plan from 2016 to develop a measuring device that can be used by anyone to easily and quickly obtain the measurement results. After registering the patent recently, we are in the final phase of coordination for the launch in March 2019. This versatile new product is expected to be used in a wide range of industries.
Even in the future, the company wants to innovate by quickly working on markets and products that have not yet been realized using the combined strength of planning, design, production, installation and maintenance. We want to focus on development taking advantage of the originality of small and medium enterprises.

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Interview Date: July 5, 2018

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In addition to mechatronics design which is our central technique at the moment, we are also good at mechanism design using existing links, cams, sliders, gears and so on. With our ideas and flexibility on design techniques on production facilities and prototype development, we jointly have been working on the development of new technologies. We always try to use multiple new devices on one theme. We are proud of our flexibility which is unique to a company with small number of employees.

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