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Technological ability to respond to severe demands of a top pro, significant manufacturer
Challenging the unknown possibilities of carbon fiberGRAPHITE DESIGN Inc.


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Various pipe molded products using carbon fiber.


  • Leverage the design and cultivated skills cultivated through the supply of OEM products to major golf makers
  • Top runners of golf shaft makers challenge different industries
  • Pursuing the infinite possibilities of carbon materials

Possibility of 21st-century carbon material

"Light, strong, not corroded."
CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics) using carbon fiber called the 21st century advanced functional material is a material that combines many functions and features such as conductivity, heat resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, chemical stability, self-lubricity and high thermal conductivity.

Since the advent in the 1970's, CFRP has taken advantage of its "light and strong" features, it is used in a wide range of fields such as the adoption of aircraft for primary structural materials, and in industrial applications wind power generation blades and pressure vessels, automobile parts, Industrial rolls, Seismic reinforcement of buildings, etc. as well as the use of sports such as tennis rackets and golf clubs.
Nonetheless, there are various kinds of fiber types, thicknesses, differences in resin content, and so forth, even with a CFRP, and the combination is infinite. It is a dream material hidden in potential to demonstrate various performances depending on design and molding. However, to design according to the application, abundant knowledge and know-how on carbon fiber are indispensable.

Graphite Design Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the manufacture and sale of carbon golf shafts from 1989, has accumulated know-how and technology to respond to the delicate and advanced requirements of top professional golfers, and they have gained high-evaluation from professional golf players and the industry.
According to the concepts and designs required by major manufacturers, the company had mainly ordered OEMs to supply golf shafts, but in 2002 it launched its brand shaft, and the performance is expected to exceed the expectation. As a result, the manufacturing ratio has changed significantly.

Supporting the height of its popularity is CFRP's "design power and technical strength" that we have cultivated over many years. Compared with conventional metal materials, processing of carbon materials is difficult. In particular, the higher the elastic modulus, the harder and brittle the fibers become. Works such as cutting to specified size, pasting different carbon sheets, winding, etc. require long-time experience, so we are sticking to craftsmanship and producing each product by hand.
Some tour operators support such attitudes as us, and "JGTO tour wood division" by Darrel Survey Company has left the track record of the number one male professional use in the Japan tour.

Challenge to broaden the possibilities of materials

CFRP composed of carbon fiber and resin has both lightweight and high strength and is used as a substitute material for metal and plastic because of its property of not corroding. We have chosen to make the best use of carbon laminating technology cultivated in golf shaft manufacturing to other fields.
As mentioned above, the CFRP has numerous combinations of materials, and the design freedom is also very high. The molding method also varies. By making full use of our carbon laminating technology, it can create products with stellar performance that even one pipe molded with CFRP has a stellar performance such as changing the strength and rigidity of a specific part, reducing the diameter while maintaining toughness.

Ask for companies with advanced needs

We have already developed and manufactured stationery parts and optional parts for sports vehicles using CFRP design technology, development, and manufacturing technology that we have cultivated over many years through cooperation with companies of different industries.
Our great strengths will be a significant advantage, which is a value-added product that freely changes the strength and rigidity of a specific part cultivated through manufacturing golf shafts and that can adapt to delicate feelings desired by clients.
In the future, with the companies with advanced needs such as "parts for industrial robots" where high precision and delicacy are required, "parts for drone fuselages" where further development is expected, and we pursue the growth and possibilities of CFRP.

Our craftsmanship that can respond to strict demands for pro-golfer' s products that cannot be quantized is an excellent advantage for collaboration with foreign industry companies seeking high-quality CFRP.
If CFRP becomes substitute material for wood such as "furniture" as well as a substitute material for light metal, further expansion can be expected as a high value-added product making full use of numerous features.

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Carbon fiber is light, strong, and has properties not found in conventional metals, and is used in various fields including sports and leisure goods, aircrafts, automobiles and robots. Based on our accumulated carbon layup technique, we explore new business areas to expand the possible application of carbon pipes.

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