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Through various collaborations, enhancing the value of "cushioning design" which is indispensable for logisticsKANEPACKAGE Co.,Ltd


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"Kanepackage Co., Ltd." is based in Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture. The company has received high praise for its cushioning design of packaging materials, etc., which are essential to logistics. Kanepackage is highly recognized by manufacturers of precision equipment such as medical equipment and analytical equipment. We spoke with Kenji Takamura, Managing Director at Kanepackage. Discussion topics included how the company is expanding its business while focusing on forming various collaborations, and the project for spreading "Plashell", which is attracting attention as a hybrid eco material using egg shells and plastic.

Achieving high value-added logistics through reliable cushioning technology and a total perspective

Through its advanced cushioning technology, reduced materials, improved packaging workability, and environmentally-friendly packaging design, Kanepackage has earned widespread support from medical device manufacturers, various precision device manufacturers, and automotive parts manufacturers.

"Since our founding, Kanepackage has continually focused on improving cushioning technology, including sales of foamed polypropylene with excellent shock absorption. Packaging materials are indispensable for transporting products without damage. However, as safety is increasingly emphasized, the amount of packaging and the size of boxes tend to increase. Kanepackage aims to achieve ultimate cushioning design with high added value while taking a bird's-eye view of total logistics, such as transportation efficiency and resource conservation."

In keeping with the times, Kanepackage has been expanding its business by focusing on the needs of society and customers. The company has transformed constraints and adversity into impetus for success. Even after the use of CFCs* in the manufacturing of foamed plastic materials became a problem in the industry, the company improved its technology by focusing on cushioning research using cardboard. This research will lead to the design of cushioning for cardboard containers that will prevent eggs from breaking even when dropped from a height of over 200 meters, as well as the development of corrugated cardboard packaging materials which use structural analysis software and which were awarded by Saitama Prefecture.
*Currently, the use of CFCs is completely abolished.

Transforming adversity into success through skillful collaboration with overseas partner factories

Kanepackage faced its biggest crisis in 1996. A major electronics manufacturer that accounted for about 90% of the company's orders at that time decided to relocate its factory overseas. In response, Kanepackage also decided to expand overseas. However, this was no easy task.

"Even when conducting overseas production, high quality is required for products. However, ordering materials from Japan is not cost effective. Therefore, we provided know-how to local subcontractors, and worked to improve quality control and technical levels on-site after understanding the characteristics of local materials".

Kanepackage developed low-cost, high-quality cushioning and packaging materials in cooperation with local partner factories. The company has been contacted by numerous Japanese manufacturers which do business overseas, as well as by companies which are currently expandng into other countries. As a result, Kanepackage now has offices in six overseas countries, and its overseas sales ratio has reached 80%.

Promoting the spread of the environmentally-friendly material "Plashell" through corporate collaboration

Kanepackage is now working on environmental protection through new corporate collaborations. Plashell is a bioplastic which is composed of 60% egg shells, thus significantly reducing the usage amount of petroleum-based resin. The spread of "Plashell" is being promoted through the "ECO Tama Project".

"We were contacted by 'Samurai Trading Co., Ltd.', the developer of 'Plashell'. Samurai Trading decided to contact us after learning that our company has been involved in initiatives related to SDGs and the environment. For example, we engage in carbon offsets through afforestation activities for mangrove forests in the Philippines."

Plashell can be processed using existing plastic molding equipment, and the price is about the same as ordinary plastic. Kanepackage is responsible for the sales, product development, etc., for raw materials used in Plashell. The company also cooperates in the development conducted by Samurai Trading Co., Ltd. Kanepackage is currently conducting research for various themes such as increasing the amount of egg shells used, replacing petroleum-based resins with biodegradable resins, and introducing Plashell into packaging materials.

Currently, the 39 companies supporting the ECO Tama Project are cooperating in a variety of ways. Examples include using Plashell as a material for internal equipment and taking advantage of the novel characteristics of Plashell material. In closing, Takamura responded as follows when asked for his thoughts on the project and the future of Plashell.

"Environmental impact would be drastically reduced if we were able to replace all the plastic materials in the world with Plashell. In order to expand the circle of cooperation, I look forward to working with various corporations that share our values."

Kanepackage focuses on the spirit of "cooperation" and shows hospitality to visitors by welcoming them with handbells

Company overview

Kanepackage Co., Ltd.

Kenji Takamura, Managing Director

Kanepackage was established in Saitama Prefecture in 1976. The handles everything from cushioning design to the design and processing of cushioning and packaging materials. With offices in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Mexico, the company employs a total of more than 1,000 employees worldwide. In 2017, Kanepackage completed an R&D Center at its head office. The center has vibration testing equipment, compression testing equipment, drop test equipment, and other testing equipment which enable testing at the same level as evaluation organizations.

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Coverage date February 10, 2020

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