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Because it was born out of our own needs, we also know the needs of customers
Made-to-order appeal to respond finely to existing facilitiesSeki Thermal Co.,Ltd


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Cross pile compact, lightweight, highly efficient heat exchanger born based on metal heat treatment technology cultivated over many years. Excellent for collecting residual heat from exhaust gas in small and medium-size heating equipment

Learnning Points

  • Creativity to make with themselves products that meet their own needs
  • Innovation thinking that breaks common sense that "High-temperature treatment is difficult."

SEKI Thermal, which is resistant to a metal heat treatment such as automobile and construction machine parts and work tools, has developed its development in the manufacture and development of heat exchangers and related products.

Our exclusive heat exchanger "Cross pile" is a gem that is effective in energy saving, such as energy efficiency improvement and energy consumption reduction. Since it is a brazed unitary structure and is compact and lightweight, it can be installed even in midstream piping. It can also be installed in an existing furnace. As a result, it is not necessary to waste the heat from the exhaust gas of small-scale machines and equipment, which had not previously been the target of energy saving.

It is compact and lightweight so you can install it even in the middle of the pipe. The picture is an example of one attached to a micro gas turbine.

The key to high efficiency is the high-temperature heat resistance that can be used up to about 600 °C, which can be realized only because it is made of all stainless steel. Regarding thermal conductivity, aluminum is suitable for the material of the heat exchanger. However, in general, aluminum can handle at most up to 400 °C. Once it gets hotter than that it can not recover heat and it has only to release it to the atmosphere and fills the difference of 200 °C in the cross pile. That is why it is worthwhile as a gap product.

Originally this cross pile was born from the needs of our company. In SEKI Thermal, which mainly uses mechanical parts and heat treatment of various metal products, we were planning over 20 years ago whether daily waste heat can be utilized. At that time, we tried looking for a competitor's product that suited our needs, but we could not find it, so we began to develop my idea to improve it.

At that time, the development and production of the heat exchanger had gone by the leading business as it were. Brazing technology to utilize the characteristics of small size and lightweight was also inadequate, and satisfactory adhesion could not be obtained, and many times we hit the wall. In conventional welding, the fluids on the high-temperature side and the low-temperature front are easy to mix, and the heat exchange efficiency is lowered, so we stuck with the integral structure by brazing. Every time we encounter technical barriers, we have been trying to address challenges from scratch if we look for advice from university research institutions. After five years for the concept and five years for commercialization, after accumulation of about 10 years, we were finally able to send cross pile to the world in 2017.

Recent inquiries are increasing in the semiconductor and liquid crystal industry. Domestic parts manufacturers such as personal computers and smartphones are the primary customers, and products assembled are often sold to overseas customers. It can also be said that Seki Thermal's heat exchange technology indirectly supports the world market. We are planning to expand the field to the automobile industry with a large population in the future, and we are planning to start new technological innovation shortly, seeking further efficiency improvement.

  • The initial cost of installing cross pile is about 60,000 yen for the smallest type. Although it costs additional installation costs, if you see only the product cost, it is a calculation that can be reckoned in two to three months by energy conservation effect by waste heat recovery after that. Moreover, it seems that there will be no way to install if the mounting structure and dimensions can be custom-made according to customer's request. The impression that opportunities for "Prevention of global warming" have shrunk is less than at one point, but that necessity never disappears. We would like to expect further expansion of heat recovery technology that does not generate unnecessary waste heat and also has a merit for introduction to companies.

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Since the foundation of 50 years, we are a heat treatment specialized manufacturer, have contributed to the manufacturing in local areas through contracted metal heat treatment; such as, automobile, construction equipment parts and power tools. We are also focusing on energy saving field by our own heat exchanger in recent year.

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