Anyone can make stable, accurate, and quick measurements with the easy-to-use dimension measurement machine "Shun-soku"I・DIC Co.,Ltd


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Measures the dimensions of two spots at the same time, and the data can be managed on a PC

Product name = Dimension measurement machine “Shun-soku”

Stable and accurate measurement three times faster than a human

"Shun-soku" is a measuring instrument that allows anyone to easily and accurately measure the external dimensions of manufacturing materials. Just press the switch button and the measuring cylinder moves to measure the dimensions, and the results are displayed digitally on the connected PC. It is, essentially, an electric caliper. As the name implies, it can make measurements three times faster than a human. Results of human measurements will always differ depending on the skill and force of each person, but this product is stable because the cylinder moves with constant air pressure (force) and it's digital, so you get accurate measurements in 1/100 millimeters.

In addition, two measuring cylinders are arranged at 90 degrees, so it is possible to measure at two locations simultaneously. There is no need to shift the device itself to measure.

Furthermore, the product is designed with safety in mind, with the air pressure to move the cylinder set low, so that even if a finger gets pinched, the risk of injury is extremely low.

Developed to solve in-house challenges

The product was created based on I.DIC's in-house needs. The company's steel plate processing department receives orders for thickness, width, and length in 1/100 millimeters. Since the dimensional tolerance of the finished product is also set according to customer choice, it is extremely important to check the dimensions in the final inspection of the product. In the past, this check was done using a caliper and micrometer, but on some days up to 9,000 inspections were required for the thickness, width, and length of 3,000 pieces. In addition, the work requires technical skills, so the number of qualified staff was limited, putting a heavy burden on personnel.

This device was created to solve these challenges. Since anyone can handle the task now, the burden on staff has been greatly reduced, and the measurement time for one piece of material has been reduced to less than half.

Another benefit of the product is its ability to store and output measurement records. It can be connected to a personal computer and saves the result history as digital data. If a linked application or a label printer is installed, the results can be recorded in a time series in a spreadsheet file or printed on a label.
※The dimension width that makes a finished part an acceptable product

Compatible with objects of any shape and can be integrated into production lines

The intended range of the product includes hexahedrons and mechanical parts made of not only steel, which triggered its development, but also wood, non-ferrous metals, and plastics. The company is also considering expanding into the inspection of precious metal products and pharmaceuticals.

At present, the device is built-to-order and manufactured to measure any shape according to the customer's request. Can also be embedded in production lines. Delivery time is about one month.

Efficiency and labor saving measures at production sites are essential for dealing with the social problem of population decline while maintaining the high quality required of the "Japanese brand." "Shun-soku" can bring out huge benefits in these times.

Coverage date July 23,2019


Company overview

I・DIC Co.,Ltd

Founded in 1968, it was incorporated in 1970 as Yoshizaki Iron Works Co., Ltd. Serve Japan Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 as an affiliated company for steel plate processing. In 1991, the name of the head office was changed to I.DIC Co., Ltd. Equipped with a wide variety of machining centers, milling machines, surface grinders, and other machine tools, parts processing is the primary pillar of the business. In 2003, the company started making labor-saving machines that produce high quality products while reducing the work load on people. In addition to "Shun-soku," it also created an easy-to-operate aluminum end face processing machine and vacuum insulation material injector.

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