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Issues of precision medical instruments that overseas medical sites focus on.Nara Seiko Inc.


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Trigger finger surgical instrument "Double Guide Type Tendon Sheath Incision Instrument" which makes it possible to shorten the number of days required for healing from the conventional 10 days to around 2 days.

Learnning Points

  • Applicability to actively utilize our proud of technologies and experiences in other fields
  • Ability to respond to the needs of overseas medical sites not only domestically

Although Nara Seiko Inc. specializes in processing precision instruments such as optical equipment parts and office automation equipment parts, its strengths are not limited to those, but it extends to precise medical equipment fields. "Double Guide Type Tendon Sheath Incision Instrument" developed jointly with Nara Prefectural University of Medicine is also a precision medical instrument born from our technology and experience.

Usually, in the case of trigger finger requiring surgery (a phenomenon in which the tendon sheath of a finger's neck inflamed and causing it to get stuck), it takes around 10 days to heal. It is because there is a necessity of suturing because an incision of 10 mm to 20 mm is required. However, because our developed "Double Guide Type Tendon Sheath Incision Instrument" remains at an incision of about 2 mm, it is only necessary to attach a medical adhesive to the wound so that the number of days to healing can be shortened to about 2 days.

Overseas is an essential base for deployment of medical devices

Although it took two years to commercialize the "Double Guide Type Tendon Sheath Incision Instrument", as a result of closely communicating with the doctor who jointly developed and advancing development, it became the ideal instrument. The number of trigger finger surgical cases using the apparatus by doctors also exceeded 100, and it reached the stage of confirming its effectiveness. Although it takes time to deploy in Japan, the product is attracting attention also in overseas medical clinics, because overseas it tends to use instruments that each doctor wants to use rather than Japan.

To develop in consideration of overseas circumstances.

In Japan, "Double Guide Type Tendon Sheath Incision Instrument" is deployed as a low-cost medical device that can repeatedly be used, but since disposability is the basic in the USA, etc., it is necessary to shape it to suit the countries to be expanded.

Currently, it is a product that only responds to the trigger fingers of the hand, but we continue trial and error to advance development so that it can cope with the whole palm as well as trigger fingers, taking into account that the variety is extensive. There are many issues to be solved, but the challenge for smiling faces of patients who need surgery will continue.

  • The reason why the needs of doctors can be accurately and quickly reflected in shapes is that there is precision processing technology and experiences that we have cultivated over many years. We respect the attitude that is continually trying to challenge, to build communication and trust and build relationships.
    We would like to pay attention to future trends as a good example of creating new value by adding knowledge to a proud technology in another viewpoint.

company information

We acquired the license to manufacture medical devices in 1996. For surgical equipment we submit products for approval after designing and developing products to meet the needs of our customers. As Class 1 Marketing Authorization Holder for medical devices, we offer high-mix low-volume production and develop products with close and constant attention to the voices of users.

company information

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