Real Cost Reduction & Faster Turnaround Including Processing Resistant Materials. Cold Forged Aluminum Parts Provide Better Mileage & Lighter Bodyweight For AutomobilesOI TECH Co.,Ltd


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Cold forged aluminum parts

Points to be noted

  • Utilize original mold design technology to tackle new, unique projectsく
  • Address changing demands by achieving success with processing resistant materials like aluminum and copper

Founded in 2007, Oi Tech Co., Ltd.’s strongest field is advanced cold forging technology. Cold forging is elasto-plasticity processing of metals at room temperature. One type of machine, called a former, automatically handles multiple stages of metal processing to form the desired shape.

In general, the more processing stages that a former can handle, the more complicated the final shape may be. However, formers that handle fewer processing stages have both lower cost and time requirements. Oi Tech’s system is gaining attention for its capability to complete processing that usually requires a 7-stage former on formers with only 5 or 6 stages.

In order to reduce the number of processing stages, the former needs advanced mold design technology. Likewise, formers tend to be extremely fast machines capable of producing 1 item in 1 second. Mass production for huge quantities like 100,000 or 200,000 items will certainly wear out the mold. Oi Tech uses its mold design technology as a weapon to gain significant know-how about fine adjustments.

The steps of mass production means that a small adjustment error can create a huge number of defects. Most companies agree that it’s better to be safe than sorry. However, Oi Tech has implemented aggressive tricks to reduced 2 stages into 1 stage, or 3 stages into 2 stages, and revise mold designs following creative inspiration. Years of experience have enabled Oi Tech to offer cost reductions that are not easily matched by rival companies. Clients are thrilled with VA proposals that reduce the number of processing steps if conditions allow it.

Oi Tech’s aluminum processing technology also has a very high reputation for cold forging. Compared to steel, which is used for more than half of all metal processing, aluminum is said to be hard to handle due to its softness. Likewise, aluminum has a variety of tricky properties: it can be stretchy or brittle, creating a large number of burrs during processing or leaving visible wrinkles.
Oi Tech is proud to have more experience than any other company handling aluminum products. They know about the different types of aluminum and their material properties, allowing for mass production of aluminum parts while adjusting the same molds.

Aluminum parts are essential items that are the key to reducing body weight in the automobile industry. Automobile industry manufacturers are increasingly dependent on high precision in order to improve fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. Oi Tech responds readily to their requests, forming a relationship of mutual trust. These efforts are quite fruitful - Orders for aluminum parts are already being planned for new models 2 or 3 years later.

Electrical component parts for hybrid and electric cars

Currently, around 70% of Oi Tech’s customers are in the automobile industry. However, they are looking for opportunities to expand into new fields like manufacturing machinery and architecture/construction.

Three separate factories in Osaka were relocated to Kinokawa, Wakayama prefecture in January 2018 to strengthen production capacity. Previously, parts needed to be transported to other factories for certain processing steps. Consolidating factories eliminated this time loss and improved production capacity efficiently.
The total factory campus size also increased, allowing for spacious factory layouts which also improves worker safety. Future projects may include installation of new equipment like multi-stage formers that can handle even more complex processing.

The next task to tackle is responding to the future shift to electric automobiles. Oi Tech already has extensive experience with electrical component parts including copper terminals for hybrid cars and electric vehicles. They are ready to achieve a deeper level of experience and knowledge.
Oi Tech will continue to attempt difficult cold forging of processing resistant materials like aluminum and copper to satisfy the diverse needs of customers.

Interview Date: October 18, 2018


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Shortly after its founding, OI Tech gained the trust of customers in the fields of automobiles, home appliances, and electronic equipment based on its innovative manufacturing technologies and creative design & development capabilities. We will continue to deliver the Best Products at affordable costs through our unique ideas and highly advanced mold design technologies and development capabilities based on cold heading technologies.

company information

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