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Products that Create New Value Will Always Get a Response at this ExhibitionKACXIN JP Co., Ltd.

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KACXIN JP develops products utilizing Cosmo Cloth, a far infrared irradiation sheet using carbon nanotubes, and it works to create innovative new products. In this article, the company’s president shares why he decided to exhibit at the New Value Creation Exhibition, and the response that he received upon exhibiting.

Don’t be afraid of far infrared radiation

Far infrared radiation is used for cooking and health appliances. Infrared is a type of electromagnetic wave which is the same as sunlight, and far infrared radiation’s characteristic is its longer wavelength than other infrared radiation. In particular, the wavelength band between 6 and 14 microns is called growing light, and it is known for its importance to organism growth. KACXIN JP applies a far infrared radiation sheet called Cosmo Cloth to develop and research various products.

“The sheet was originally developed to be attached to solar panels and melt snow, but it did not match this purpose and its developer was looking for other application possibilities. That was when we learned about this sheet, and we started researching the ways of use and application, marking the start of product development,” states President Hidenori Sumioka.

However, there are items among health appliances using far infrared radiation that are sold with exaggerated promotion of its effects. Perhaps for this reason, there seems to be a considerable number of people who are doubtful of the effects of far infrared radiation.

Mr. Sumioka says, “Because there are people who have a negative image toward far infrared radiation, we are currently creating products that clarify its effects and logically show efficacy.”

Discovered an effect of reducing mold growth

Among the products developed by KACXIN JP, the company is enthusiastically promoting its electronically controlled mold prevention system using Cosmo Cloth. This system combines far infrared radiation and electronic control. But why does it display an effect on mold?

Mr. Sumioka explains, “While all organisms on earth are said to react to light, we learned that mold has an aversion to far infrared radiation, and we thought that we may be able to apply the sheet and started development. Using this system to irradiate far infrared radiation with electronic control stops the growth of mold, preventing its spread. Although this system stops the growth of mold rather than wiping it out, other methods rely on chemicals for the suppression of mold growth, so we believe our method will be effective especially in places like food factories.”

The electronically controlled mold prevention system is used in places prone to the generation of mold such as basements and book vaults. Mr. Sumioka shared an example in which its effects have been confirmed: “When it was decided that a shrine nearby will have a distinguished guest, it asked us to install the electronically controlled mold prevention system in the VIP room of around 8 tatami mats (14.5 sqaure meters) in size, and the representative was very happy that the moldy odor had disappeared only in this room.”

Regulations and standards pose a large obstacle to its spread

The electronically controlled mold prevention system has been verified of its effects in preventing mold as explained above, but it has not sold well. This is because it is a product that is difficult to advertise and, at the same time, because it does not meet the various regulations and standards in Japan.

“I think that if, for example, we develop a version of this product for use at bath places where there is a lot of people struggling with the generation of mold there will be a strong demand, but if we were to create an electronic device for the bath place, we would have to clear very high hurdles in domestic regulations that it would not be realistic. Because venture companies like us do not have the funds, we have no choice but to tie up with large companies. In that sense, the product might sell better overseas where the regulations are more relaxed, but, for instance, people in the Asian region are not very concerned about molds,” says Mr. Sumioka.

In this sense, the New Value Creation Exhibition played a major role for the company to advertise its products.

Mr. Sumioka states, “We received information from SME Support, JAPAN, and this prompted us to exhibit at the New Value Creation Exhibition for the first time in 2015. At that time, we were surprised at the unexpected response we received from the people who visited. Not only did we receive a positive response, but we also gained a new customer even though it was our first time exhibiting, so we decided on also exhibiting the following year (in 2016), and we kept in mind to exhibit a full lineup of applied products for that exhibition. What we felt by exhibiting at the New Value Creation Exhibition is that, because it is held in Tokyo which is the center of information, there is always a response when exhibiting products and services that create new value.”

The New Value Creation Exhibition is not just an opportunity for companies like KACXIN JP to be evaluated for creating new value through exhibiting their products, but it is also undoubtedly a place that is helpful for sales.

Hidenori Sumioka, President
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