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"You can see on a smartphone" urges change consciousness
"Mil-kin (seeing fungus)" which can confirm the movement of bacteria of 1μmAqua System Co.,Ltd


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"Mil-kin (seeing fungus)" which makes it easy to see bacteria simply by setting up on a smartphone and activating a camera application.


  • Take a step back and calmly review using your common sense
  • Utilize tools that anyone can easily use
  • Important to be able to share and see in real time
  • Aim for and pursue further expansion

When asked what thing is necessary to look into the invisible microscopic world, many people will answer "a microscope ". That was common sense. But common sense has changed with smartphones.

"Mil-kin (seeing fungus)" provided by Aqua System Co., Ltd. is a smartphone camera application, a bacteria self-checker that can see fine bacteria and fungi in aqueous solution. Easy to use, simply set the smartphone on the stand and drop a drop of the aqueous solution onto the sample stage, you can display it on the screen of the smartphone without preparations.

Idea that was born because it is a company that "sells water."

Aqua System has been proposing and selling electrolytic water for over 30 years since its establishment in 1986 with a wide range of industrial fields including food and beverage industry, livestock industry, inspection company, etc. as a business partner. Why could we, a water specialist, create "mil-kin" which is an innovative item in the field of "microscopes"?

Actually, there was a unique idea because it is a company "sells water." There are various kinds of electrolytic water and different effects. Typical examples are E. coli and Salmonella bacteria, such as slightly acidic electrolyzed water having microbicidal effect in fine bacteria contained in water.

We have traditionally carried a microscope with a weight of about 20 kg to show customers the effect of electrolyzed water. However, microscopes usually require a preparation, depending on the location, bringing in these glass products was strictly prohibited to prevent accidents.

"Sales style was not smart"

Kiyomasa Kano, CEO of the company, said about the reason for starting development of "mil-kin". The idea of glass-less was born because we prioritized needs that "make it visible anywhere" in sales than the conventional common sense to demonstrate the effect of electrolyzed water immediately.

You can see anywhere with a smartphone

"Mil-kin" is designed to drive with two AA batteries so that it can be used anywhere, it's easy to just set a special stand on a smartphone. The magnification is 1000 times, and if it is 1 μm (1 / 1,000 mm) or more it is possible to see it.

So why was it a smartphone? That is now the most must have item of many people, the most familiar tool. If it is a normal microscope, you need to remember it from its usage, but anyone can use it as soon as it is a camera function of the smartphone. The non-difficult operation was easy for many people. Also, with the camera function, it is possible to record bacteria on the spot, shoot with moving pictures and share it with mail etc.

It is nonsense that it takes days to know the result

For example, to investigate the effect of hand washing, it took days to know the result with the conventional way, but if you use "mil-kin," you will examine in real time whether there is bacteria on the spot without expert knowledge.

"Even if you do not have knowledge, I think that you will be surprised if you see that there are lots of bacteria, moving, so that you can spread your awareness of the importance of keeping cleanliness from that place" As Mr. Kano speaks, being able to know in real time becomes increasingly important in various industrial fields from now on.

From "visible" fungus to "know" fungus

Currently, "mil-kin" is on the stage that fungi can be easily seen on smartphones, but it is embarking on measures aimed at further fields.

"It is said that only about 3% of the whole of the fungus world has been elucidated yet, although it is an unknown world whose 3% is also really 3% or not ..." while prefacing, "Simple I want to go deeper into technology to go one step beyond easy-to-see functions, "Kano said. We are promoting application development aiming at understanding bacteria one step beyond visualization of bacteria.

The invisible things can be seen in real time, and the fact that the effect can be demonstrated immediately leads to being able to recognize with a more specific convincing power. It is expected for prevention of food poisoning at the workplace related to foods requiring cleanliness, nursery care and nursing care, and use as teaching materials at educational sites. Moreover, if it becomes possible to explain by harvesting the patient's mucous membrane etc. immediately even in the medical field, there is a possibility that the treatment flow can be drastically shortened.

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We have been engaging in electrolysis water for more than 30 years and we can make any proposal about speedy and ideal product or system for the customers of any industries (the purpose of use, budget etc.) We developed bacteria self-checker "mil-kin" which visualizes fungus by using smart phone.

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