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Learnning Points

  • The challenge to the field which was considered impossible in the past.
  • To reduce environmental burden by reducing process.
  • Possibility of application / deployment in multiple fields.

The biggest appeal of "metalloid" is that it has become possible to apply it to hard-to-be-plated materials which was considered difficult until now. By optimizing the formulation of "metalloid", it is possible to perform high-definition pattern plating even with complicated shapes. For example, in pad printing, 3D plating on transparent PC can be plated with high adhesion to engineering plastics and super engineering plastics.

Conventionally, the number of processes involved in resin plating was required to be as much as 20 pretreatment. This "metalloid" is a new method of blending preprocessing function in paint, solving this problem in a stroke. It is the result of fusing nanotechnology and plating. It was unnecessary to rinse water and manage the treatment liquid in only 2 steps, just coating, printing and drying "metalloid". In addition, as this process can reduce processes, consideration to the global environment is also achieved, such as greatly reducing the use of chemicals such as hexavalent chromium as environmentally harmful substances, and realizing zero waste liquid. "Metalloid" as green nanotechnology is also expected to become the standard of plating processing.

In the background of research and development of "metalloid" it began with the goal of revitalizing the nano market by offering large quantities of metallic nanomaterials by industrial production, thereby promoting development for 14 years I came to the functional nano ink business. In the meantime, about 20 patents have been acquired and it has been adopted for automotive parts. Mass production also began in 2015, and parts already adopting "metalloid" in millions of units have already been installed. In the future, it is also expected to deal with onboard wiring and car decorative parts.

  • By adopting the plating process, we can expect high quality and decorativeness of various parts.
  • Furthermore, since metalloids have properties that choose no material, they will be one of the major choices for producers of product systems in the future.

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The plating primer \Metalloid\ is a resin plating revolution that fuses nanomaterials and plating. Since Metalloid is printed on, and is deposited electrolessly and adheres firmly, not only is the amount of resin plating work greatly reduced, it is possible to apply plating to a wide variety of resin materials. Metalloid is a green nanotechnology that revolutionizes resin plating.

company information

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