Maintain a space" that is "Suitable for that area"
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Ventilation system "GEO power system" which embed the pipe 5m in the ground, excellent in stabilizing indoor temperature

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  • Because we kept thinking to realize, we could reach that answer
  • Developing technology with unrelated partnership method

lso, since these devices such as air conditioners consume large amounts of electricity, the cost of electricity may be a problem as well. Geo Power System Co., Ltd. is working on solving these problems by using "GEO Power System," a multifunctional ventilation system utilizing geothermal heat.

A bit cool in summer and a bit warm in winter

"If you bring summer heat to winter, winter cold to summer, it 's just right." Toko Hashimoto, CEO of the company, thought it from childhood. The limestone cave "Akiyoshi-dong" located in Mimaki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, where the company's location is situated, is cooler in the summer and warm in the winter. In hints of this, we jointly developed with Yamaguchi University to utilize natural energy to realize what we have been dreaming of for a long time.
"Geothermal heat" has drawn attention in developing a system that utilizes the power of nature. The temperature in the ground is as cool as summer and warm in winter as caves. Geothermal heat is almost the same as the average temperature in the area, and when using the underground thermal energy for ventilation of the room, the optimum temperature to stay healthy and comfortable in that area (region) can be kept.

The benefits of using geothermal energy are expected to improve academic ability

This system is not limited to general homes, it has been adopted in rental houses and agricultural vinyl houses in addition to about 1,900 domestic installations such as in facilities, factories and overseas.
The system that buries a pipe in the ground and creates a space that is easy to spend by circulating and ventilating indoor air with geothermal energy differs from other natural energies, not only being not influenced by the weather but also giving importance to the scenery It can also be installed in buildings. Furthermore, since it is not necessary to use air conditioners and the like, it also exerts a significant effect in reducing the electricity bill and the CO2 emissions associated with it.
From the concern that CO2 concentration affects academic ability at the educational site, the system was introduced in all elementary and junior high schools in Nagasu-cho, Tamana-gun, Kumamoto prefecture, in 2016 with the aim of improving academic achievement. Although it is necessary to look at how much academic progress develops in the long term, as a secondary effect, the number of cases of elementary school students decreased by 100 in one year.
Regarding health, it is already considered to contribute to a right direction. From the idea that "Regarding the area, people who live there are best known, so that it is easy to introduce the system in various ways" by exchanging technology with the company, we are working hard to disseminate the GEO Power Systems Association, a voluntary chain group that can be used by the system.

  • It is often that someone else is forced to endure so that someone else is comfortable to live.
    This system, which allows you to spend your body without burden by maintaining the indoor temperature constant by the average temperature of the land, not by adjusting it by the air conditioner, seems to be a great help, especially for children and seniors to live a healthy life.

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Geo Power System Co., Ltd.

1. Construction of geothermal homes and buildings
2. Development and marketing of geothermal energy-related housing products.
3. Licensing technology and knowhow to dealers to sell residential products.

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