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A rescue jack that everyone should keep handy. Objectives were to popularize the jack and keep the cost low

Points to be noted

  • Technology nurtured in the present business is utilized to take up the challenge of a new issue, save lives of people during disasters
  • Development and validation specialized for the purpose with the opinion of disaster relief professionals
  • Proactive promotion of activities for popularization, such as conducting sessions to use the jacks

A major earthquake occurs in Japan every few years. For those living in Japan, earthquake disasters are by no means somebody else’s problem. If a major earthquake occurs in your area, and your family and friends are trapped underneath.... The “STO Rescue Jack” from Takeuchi Industry Co., Ltd., is a product one must have for such situations.

During major earthquakes, rescuing people from collapsed houses without wasting any time is crucial. There is a rule for disaster relief, known as the “72-hour barrier”, according to which the survival rate drops significantly after 72 hours (3 days) when rescuing people from collapsed houses. The rescue relief teams may not reach in time during such emergencies. A fire may break out, and the flames might approach right in front of you. Tsunamis are also of concern in the coastal areas. People can rely only on their strength during such emergencies. Saving precious lives is surely entrusted to each one of us.

The company is a specialized manufacturer engaged in the manufacture of automobile jacks for a long time. After developing the “Screw-type triple extension automobile jack” in 1929, an innovative product in those days, they expanded their business as a top company of the industry. At present, they mainly manufacture two types of jacks, screw jack (Commonly called a portable jack) and pantograph jack, and these products are sold in the market as jacks for the exclusive use of Toyota Motor Corporation.

The unexpected place where automobile jacks, which are used for replacing tires, played an active role was during the Great Hanshin Earthquake disaster that struck on January 17, 1995, in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture inflicting significant damage. The automobile jacks were very effective in lifting collapsed debris and saving lives of people.

During the Great Hanshin Earthquake, help from small neighborhood communities saved the lives of 75% of the estimated 35,000 people who were trapped below collapsed buildings and houses. Under such circumstances, the company began developing the “STO Rescue Jack” for specialized use in disaster relief from around 2014. They started selling the product from May 2018, after repeated trials with the feedback from disaster relief professionals such as firefighters. While adult men cannot lift objects weighing 100 kg, even children from lower grades of elementary school can lift cars using this jack.

STO Rescue Jack that assists human power to the maximum. The toppling of the jack can be prevented by inserting pieces of wood in between

In the event of disasters, one of the key features is that the jack can be used when gaps are quite small. An ordinary pantograph jack cannot be used unless a gap equal to the jack height is created, and even if it is inserted in between, it cannot adequately demonstrate its lifting ability from low positions.

Jack is considered as one of the three sacred (Bar, saw, and jack) treasures among rescue items required during disasters. The capacity of pantograph jacks that are often provided for rescue operations is mentioned as 1.5 t, but this jack cannot demonstrate its ability from a low position.

The STO Screw Jack is provided with a projection so that it can lift even from a low position. If a gap of 2.5 cm is available, an object can be lifted to a maximum height of 23.5 cm by inserting the projection. Pieces of wood can be inserted in the gap widened by the projection to support the object, and the projection head of the jack can be then inserted to lift further, and it can lift to a maximum height of 42.5 cm. The projection of the jack can withstand a load of approximately 500 kg, and the projection head can withstand about 2000 kg.

Objects can be lifted from a height of 2.5 cm to 42.5 cm using the 2 stages, projection and projection head

While the objects are lifted vertically by the ordinary jacks, to lift unstable objects such as rubble, this jack has been provided with a slight inclination in the elevation direction for the proper engagement of the projection with the object that is lifted. The jack does not require maintenance when stored in places such as a warehouse, it is compact and easy to carry weighing approximately 5 kg, and well suited for emergencies as it can be used immediately and is easy to handle.

Though the company wants to popularize the product for ordinary homes in the future, they will start by providing the product to small communities such as local governments, neighborhood associations, voluntary disaster mitigation associations, firefighting groups, and companies, and hope that the jack will be used during emergencies. They are actively involved in promotional activities such as demonstration of the jacks, together with disaster-related volunteer groups. They want the fire department, which conducts public awareness activities for disaster prevention, to know the effectiveness of the jack.

Demonstration of lifting an object weighing 300 kg using the STO Screw Jack. Even elementary students will be able to raise an object that is not possible for several adults

They have plans to make additional improvements to the jack body. The company is engaged in developing products that can be used more safely and comfortably, to reduce the burden on users operating the jack and implementing measures to minimize product wear caused by use, with the opinion of professionals.
A single jack may save lives. They want the jack to be widely used as a necessity that everyone should have, like fire extinguishers and AEDs.

【Video】“STO Rescue Jack”

Interview Date: January 8, 2018


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We have been manufacturing jacks since 1929. We created new products based on the technology and development capabilities that we cultivated, and we are a company that is taking up challenges to contribute over a wide range to the society.

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