Cooperative Twin-arm Robot for High-precision Visual Inspection and Flexible MovementDECSYS Corp


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By combining our unique image processing technology with a dual-armed robot, we aim to develop a robot that can perform the work of a visual inspector.

Product Name = "‘Gaikan Kenta-kun’ Humanoid Inspection System"

Multi-directional visual inspection and detection of various defects in a single machine

Visual inspection systems are attracting attention from manufacturing companies as a solution for a lack of human resources and high training costs, in addition to the variation in inspection accuracy caused by differences in the ability of visual inspectors to inspect products. However, conventional equipment has some problems, such as difficulty with inspecting products with complex shapes and the great deal of time required for setting up inspections for a wide variety of products that are produced in small lots.In addition to overcoming these problems, Dexis Corporation's humanoid inspection system “Gaikan Kenta-kun" is designed to be a "robot that can perform the work of a visual inspector”.

The product is equipped with ABB's collaborative twin-armed robot YuMi®️* and its patented Multiple Imager, an original camera that utilizes ABB's proprietary image processing technology. Conventional visual inspections require separate cameras to detect different types of defects, such as scratches, foreign objects, and white spots, but this new product can detect multiple defects with a single camera. In addition, the flexible movement of the twin armed robot makes it possible to inspect products with complex shapes that need to be checked from multiple directions. In addition, it can operate continuously or 24 hours a day on a 100V AC power supply, keeping operating costs low.
*Collaborative twin-armed robot that aims to "work together with people."With a compact body weighing just 38kg, it incorporates a variety of safety features, including an automatic shutdown system, and is compatible with direct teaching, which allows for intuitive programming.

Easy to set up with no programming required for small lot production

The safety and installation space when actually placing it next to people is well considered. The automatic stop safety device eliminates the need for a safety fence, and the space-saving design measures only 62cm wide x 76cm deep, including our original inspection system. In addition to the visual inspection of a wide variety of small-lot products, polyhedron containers, oddly shaped products, and products that do not stand on their own, which until now have had to be inspected visually by humans, the system can also handle light work such as picking in the front-end process and assembly in the back-end process, which can be directly connected to the production line.

Furthermore, we have developed special software that allows anyone to set inspection conditions without the need for complicated programming, making it easier to handle a wide variety of small-lot products.

Promoting the improvement and development of an unprecedented humanoid visual inspection system

The product is currently being supplied to the entire country through the "Club Kenta-kun", which is made up of six SIers*, and is increasingly being used in a variety of fields, including metal processing manufacturers, mainly of automotive parts, and manufacturers of containers for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Users have said, "Inspection accuracy has been stabilized and quantitative testing is now possible."

When installing the system, the company will first conduct an interview regarding the product to be inspected, inspection locations, required accuracy, cycle time, budget, and so on, and then conduct image verification and demonstration operations. After these processes, the actual operation will begin. After installation, various maintenance services, such as remote monitoring, inspection, and repair support, dedicated line support, and loaned replacement equipment in case of failure, are available (included in the product price).

The company says it will continue to improve and develop "alternative inspection systems that replace humans manual work" by advancing its technology with an eye to utilizing AI technology and combining other robots with image inspection systems. Thinking about what the company can offer to supply the products that will be in demand in the next era could be a shortcut to a breakthrough.
*Term for the companies that undertake system integration (SI)

Coverage date July 9, 2020

Company overview

DECSYS Corporation

Established in 1998. Under the slogan "Towards a New Era of Getting Closer to the Human Eye," the company provides a wide variety of visual inspection equipment, surface inspection equipment, cameras, and image processing equipment as a manufacturer of unique image processing and automation technologies. In addition to its head office in Chiba Prefecture, the company has four plants and offices across Japan to meet domestic demand. The company has also established a subsidiary in Thailand to provide business to Japanese companies.

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