Developed “Drug Administration Management App” that tracks remaining quantities of medicines and checks administered medications by managing information on prescriptions and over the counter drugsRobust Inc.


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Administration of medications and eye drops can be managed with functions in the app

Points to be noted

  • Contribute to the healthcare field with the development of the “Drug Management App”
  • Contribute to improving quality of life by preventing missing of a dose or accidental administration of a dose

All information is now exchanged on the internet with the widespread use of smartphones and tablets. Dissemination of information is not limited to only large companies, even small and medium-sized businesses, and sole proprietorship enterprises are also taking advantage of various tools to share information.
In this scenario, Robust Inc., a professional company in the development of apps and web systems, is evolving with changing times. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has been showing improvement in business results by comprehensively undertaking planning, development, operation, and maintenance of iOS, and Android apps, and web systems. The forte of the company is its well-established technical strength based on its track record in contract development since the early days of smartphone apps. With the goal of further improving customer satisfaction, the company continues to develop products with high quality, low price, and short delivery time with its extensive know-how of various requirements.

The company has worked on the development of many apps ranging from entertainment to apps for business and events.

[App Development Examples]
〇Locking and unlocking app linked to a key with a signal reception function
〇Swipe-in and swipe-out monitoring app using IC and a card type receiver
〇Event information delivery app that distributes coupon and route information of nearby stores
〇Long-term care monitoring app that detects location information from transmitters and checks the location
〇Health management app that acquires information from health care devices and monitors the physical condition

This is an introduction to the “Drug Administration Management App” that tracks remaining quantities of medicines and checks administered medicines by managing information on prescription drugs and over the counter drugs.

The company has developed a wide range of apps up to now, ranging from apps for general users to manage information on self-administered medication, to apps that support management of information on medication administered to many patients in hospitals and nursing care facilities. This experience was used to develop an app with functions such as “Notifying the appropriate timing for taking medication and checking missed doses” and “Tracking the remaining quantity of each medicine”. The app has significantly contributed to the systematization of the healthcare field focusing on drug administration management.

Missing a dose of medicine or eye drops, or taking medicine or putting eye drops at a wrong time, is something that can happen with anyone in day-to-day life.
The company's app can avoid such problems. For example, if eye drops are prescribed that need to be put at a particular time, the app will notify at the correct time with an alarm feature. When using 2 types of eye drops, sometimes a certain interval has to be maintained between them. Let us assume that an interval of 3 minutes is required, and the company can build a game into the app that can be played for 3 minutes. When the game is over, the instruction for putting the next eye drops will be given. This prevents the user from being distracted by something else and forgetting to put the drops.

Medication is usually taken once a day, or once a week, in some cases, the medication may have to be taken once a month or once in 20 days. In such cases, the day on which the medication is to be taken can be entered into the calendar function to prevent missing a dose. Such apps are beneficial for physicians and pharmacies ensuring them that the medications are being safely administered.

The company's representative director, Mr. Naoya Tanaka spoke how the company developed the “Drug Administration Management App”.
“Our company carries out app development based on needs. The ‘Drug Administration Management App’ can be traced back to a request received from a pharmaceutical company. In the process of developing various apps, we have established a track record and collected know-how, which can be put to use for app development in the healthcare field in the future.”

For some time, the company had worked on a “Medical diary” for dispensing pharmacies. Based on this experience, Mr. Tanaka said, “We want to develop an app that enables coordination among doctors, dispensing pharmacies, and patients."

The company wants to bring about a significant change to the healthcare field through management and adjustment of administered dosage of medication from a broader perspective, by sending feedback to physicians about the management of medication administered to patients and management of the remaining quantity of medicines when patients miss a dose. Apps will become an indispensable tool for improving the quality of life. The company is looking at the future with this outlook. The company will continue on the path to becoming a master in app development.

Naoya Tanaka, representative director of the company

Interview Date: February 27, 2019


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We undertake web system and smart phone applications single-handedly, from planning to manufacturing and operation as requested by the customers. We are involved in development right from the start when smart phones became popular and we are confident of providing services at low cost with our abundant know-how for various requirements. We can even support services with many of our achievements.

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