Enabling Body Temperature Measurement with AI Facial Recognition using a Tablet: Almost Completely Non-contact and Requires No human Intervention for Operationaxis Corp


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With the AI facial recognition body temperature measurement tablet, body temperature measurement and identification can be made without contact.

Product Name = "Interface Extension Box" Compatible with AI Facial Recognition & Body Temperature Measurement Tablet

AI Facial Recognition and Body Temperature Measurement can be done with a Tablet by Yourself

With the spread of COVID-19, people are encountering AI facial recognition temperature measurement tablets significantly more often than before. The problem with these tablets, which measure body temperature instantly and accurately without requiring contact, is that they often need manual operations in practical use. Therefore, although these tablets are designed as non-contact devices, the user cannot complete measurement/recognition by himself/herself, resulting in requiring another operator’s intervention.

Focusing on this problem, axis Corp is developing "Interface Extension Box." When Interface Extension Box is connected to the existing AI facial recognition & body temperature measuring tablet, "Face Plus AI Thermal Detection System" (developed by iFLY Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.), it enables body temperature measurement and identification almost completely without the assistance of another operator. An example of use is when a visitor uses the tablet to measure his/her body temperature, a special label printer prints out a photo (in black and white), time, body temperature, and, if necessary, a 2D code. Then the visitor submits this label to the reception to enter the site. This procedure saves human resources with regard to measuring body temperature and enables reliable identification.

Intuitive User Interface Specifications

Even first-time users can operate this user interface without hesitation.

This product consists of a box unit, which houses a QR code reader and other components, and a label printer. The overall mechanism is simple, but in order to ensure ease of self-operation axis Corp collaborated with a system development company to enhance intuitiveness for the users by including guidance features such as voice, a screen, and lamps.

In situations where an unspecified number of visitors are expected, such as at hotels, hospitals, golf courses, restaurants, movie theaters, and various event venues, the system can inspect the visitors and output the results without face recognition and identification. The company is building the specifications to enable users set a suitable mode for different purposes of use.

Pursuing Additional Added Value Even After Commercialization

The system is still currently at the prototype stage. To incorporate user requests based off of the prototype, such as "follow-up for introduction and maintenance," "improvement of temperature measurement accuracy with consideration to external factors such as the installation environment, ambient temperature, weather, etc.," "construction of a system to manage multiple units centrally," and "linkage with IC cards and alcohol hand sanitizer," the company is endeavoring to make further improvements and provide expanded services.The company plans to further add value even after commercialization, by linking to non-contact spray type automatic alcohol hand sanitizer and expanding the number of compatible tablet terminals.

The "With Corona" era will begin in earnest from now. Society's demand for "non-contact" is likely to increase more and more. At the same time, it may become standard etiquette to monitor the health condition of those in the same space. Considering how to take advantage of this product, which contributes to realizing such an era, may lead to a breakthrough for your company in surviving the new era.

Coverage date October 30, 2020

Company Overview

axis Corp

The company was established in 1990. It has been engaged in developing systems for equipment management, maintenance, inspection, etc., for power companies for about 30 years. Utilizing knowledge and expertise it has accumulated in connection with geographic information systems (GIS) and positioning, the company has recently expanded its business to other fields such as IoT and authentication. In addition to “Interface Extension Box,” the company is currently developing an application for an IoT product, “BambiD.”

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